Earth and Ocean Sciences

2007 Faculty and Student News

Posted 11/29/07
Dr. Craig Tobias received a total of $81,100 from RTI International for the project "Camp Lejeune Marsh and Stable Isotope Monitoring."

Posted 11/15/07
Marine Biology PhD student Christy Visaggi has been asked to serve as one of two student representatives to the Paleontological Society Council. The Paleontological Society is the primary organization for paleontologists in the USA and world wide, with members in more than 40 countries.

Posted 10/24/2007
Dr. Doug Gamble received $1,750 from UNC Chapel Hill Renaissance Computing Institute for the project "Brunswick County Flood Monitoring."

Posted 10/4/2007
Dr. Lynn Leonard, received $59,476 from South Florida Water Management District for the project "Field Methods Development and Implementation for Ridge and Slough Flow Patterns."

In addition, Leonard was funded $16,340 by the US Army Corps of Engineers for "Service, Maintain, and Calibrate Remote Data Collection Platforms in Swamps and Channels of the Cape Fear Basin."

Posted 8/31/2007
Dr. Doug Gamble along with Scott Curtis of East Carolina University, received $187,869 from the National Science Foundation, Geography and Regional Science Program and Climate and Long-term Dynamics Program for their collaborative RUI project "Physical Mechanisms Behind the Caribbean Mid-summer Drought."

Posted 8/30/2007
Dr. Lynn Leonard, Jennifer Dorton & James Merritt, CMS, were funded $1,140,000 by NOAA-Coastal Service Center for the project "Integration of Coastal Observations and Assets in the Carolinas in Support of RCOOS Development in SECOORA."

Posted 8/30/2007
Dr. Craig Tobias was funded $40,716 by Dauphin Island Sea Lab for "Evaluating the Role of Restored Black Needlerush Marsh as a Buffer of Anthropogenic Eutrophication of Coastal Systems: An Isotope Enrichment Approach."

Posted 8/21/07
René A. Shroat-Lewis received the Chrysalis Scholarship from the Association for Women Geoscientists. René was one of three students selected in a national competition to receive this $1000 degree-completion scholarship for women geoscience graduate students whose education has been interrupted for at least one year.

Posted 8/16/2007
Dr. David Blake received $9,000 from DEHNR-North Carolina Geological Survey to fund "Lithodemic and Structural Relationships in the Carolina Terrane Along the Northwestern Boundary of the Deep River Mesozoic Basin."

Posted 8/1/2007
Dr. Lynn Leonard received $66,142 from Elizabeth City State University for the project, "Biochemistry and Benthic Infauna in Swamps and Marshes Along the NE Cape Fear and Cape Fear Rivers."

Posted 7/19/2007
Dr. Lynn Leonard was funded $1,610 by CZR, Inc. for the project, "Sediment Analysis of Coastal Sediments."

Posted 7/3/2007
Dr. Lynn Leonard, Spencer Rogers & David Wells, CMS, were funded $4,975 by North Carolina Sea Grant for "Using Wave Data and Lifeguard Observations to Predict Dangerous Rip Currents: A Partnership Between the Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program."

Posted 6/28/2007
Bongkeun Song, biology & marine biology & Dr. Craig Tobias, geography& geology, were funded $15,120 by North Carolina Sea Grant for their project, "Microbial Nitrogen Cycling in the Cape Fear River Estuary: Attentuation vs. Recycling and the Effects of a Variable Freshwater-Saltwater Boundary."

Posted 5/24/2007
Dr. Craig Tobias geography& geology, & Bongkeun Song, biology & marine biology, were funded $5,135 by North Carolina Sea Grant "Microbial Nitrogen Cycling in the Cape Fear River Estuary: Attenuation vs. Recycling and the Effects of a Variable Freshwater-saltwater Boundary."

Posted 5/10/2007
Dr. Craig Tobias received $6,000 from the National Science Foundation for "Collaborative Research: Benthic Microalgal Regulation of Carbon and Nitrogen Turnover in Land-margin Ecosystems: A Dual Stable Isotype Approach."

Posted 4/23/2007
Dr. Robert Argenbright presented the paper "Red Star on the Volga: Agitation, Surveillance, and Governance in the Russian Civil War," at the Midwest Slavic Conference, held April 13 in Columbus, OH.

Posted 4/12/2007
Dr. Lynn Leonard received $29,354 from General Dynamics for the project, "Field Test of the AIS ASWSS Buoy System."

Posted 3/30/2007
Dr. Doug Gamble has been selected to participate in the NSF funded workshop Expanding Education Networks in the Americas to be held May 19-21 in La Serena, Chile.
The workshop will assist faculty in development of international collaborations in undergraduate education and research. In addition, he will present his research of Caribbean drought at the international research congress, Geography in the Americas, following the workshop May 21-26.

Posted 2/23/2007
Dr. Lynn Leonard received $2,000 from General Dynamics AIS for the project, "Field Test of the AIS ASWSS Buoy System."

Posted 2/23/2007
Marvin Moss, Michael Durako & Dr. Lynn Leonard, CMS, received $408,464 from NOAA for the project, "CORMP Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program 2005-07."

Posted 1/10/2007
Dr. Patricia Kelley is a 2006-2007 Distinguished Speaker for the National Association of Geoscience Teachers. This spring she will be giving public lectures, departmental seminars, and teacher workshops about evolution and creationism at universities across the nation.

Posted 1/7/2007
Dr. Lynn Leonard & Jennifer Dorton received $1,600 from the University of South Carolina Baruch Institute for Marine & Coastal Sciences for "Carolinas Coast: One Stop Shop for Marine Observations in the Carolinas."