Earth and Ocean Sciences

2006 Faculty & Student News

Posted 12/23/2006
Dr. Lynn Leonard received $15,000 from General Dynamics AIS for the project, "Field Test of the AIS ASWSS Buoy System."

Posted 12/5/2006
Dr. Robert Argenbright presented his paper, "Automobility and Citizenship in Moscow: Sustainability or Avtomobilshchina?," at the National Convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies held in November in Washington, D.C.

Posted 11/15/2006
Dr. Lynn Leonard received $393,944 from the University of South Carolina for the project, "Collaboration in Coastal Observing: CORMP and CARO-COOPS."

Posted 11/03/2006
Dr. David Blake was funded $13,000 by NC Geological Survey for "Lithodemic and Structural Relationships Between the Nutbush Creek and Lake Gordon Fault Zones Along the North Carolina - Virginia Border."

Posted 11/02/06
Dr. Craig Tobias, Geography and Geology, & Bongkeun Song, Biology and Marine Biology were funded $20,564 by North Carolina Sea Grant for their project, "Microbial Nitrogen Cycling in the Cape Fear River Estuary: Attenuation vs. Recycling and the Effects of a Variable Freshwater-saltwater Boundary."

Posted 10/5/2006
Dr. Robert Argenbright presented "Avtomobilshchina? Issues of Cultural, Geographical and Social Sustainability in the Automobilization of Moscow," at the 4th International Conference on the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility on Sept. 30 in Paris.

Posted 10/2/2006
Dr. Doug Gamble and former graduate student Micheal Crump, will have the article "Hydroclimatic Analysis of a Carbonate Island Pond through the Development of a Hydrologic Landscape Unit Model" published in a forthcoming issue of Physical Geography. The research was part of Crump's master's thesis, which was completed on San Salvador Island, Bahamas.

Posted 9/15/2006
Dr. Craig Tobias received $55,325 from the Dauphin Island Sea Lab for "Evaluating the Role of Restored Black Needlerush Marsh as a Buffer of Anthropogenic Eutrophication of Coastal Systems: an Isotope Enrichment Approach."

Posted 8/31/2006
Dr. Craig Tobias, Geography and Geology, & Bongkeun Song, Biology and Marine Biology received $30,860 from NC Sea Grant to fund, "Microbial Nitrogen Cycling in the Cape Fear River Estuary: Attenuation vs. Recycling and the Effects of a Variable Freshwater-Saltwater Boundary."

Posted 7/13/2006
Dr. Lynn Leonard received $23,400 from US ACE for the project, "Service, Maintain, and Calibrate Remote Data Collection Platforms in Swamps and Channels of the Cape Fear Basin."

Posted 6/19/2006
Dr. Lynn Leonard & Jennifer Dorton received $2,000 from the University of South Carolina, Baruch Institute for Marine & Coastal Sciences to fund "Carolinas Coast: One Stop Shop for Marine Observations in the Carolinas."

Posted 6/6/2006
Dr. Elizabeth Hines had her entry "Wilmington, North Carolina Race Riot of 1898," published in the Encyclopedia of the Great Black Migration, edited by Stephen A. Reich.

Posted 5/22/2006
Dr. Elizabeth Hines received the 2006 African American Heritage Foundation of Wilmington, Inc.'s President's Award for her contributions to the betterment of life in the Cape Fear region through community service. Hines serves on the Board of Directors and is the Chair of the AAHFW's Program Committee.

Posted 5/18/2006
Dr. Joanne Halls received the Best Paper Award at the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing's Mid-Term Symposium 2006: From Pixels to Processes, held May 8-11, Enschede, Netherlands. The paper, "A Spatio-Temporal Assessment of Back-Barrier Salt Marsh Change: A Comparison of Multi-Date Aerial Photography," was co-authored with Lindsey Kraatz, a candidate in the Masters in Geology program.

Posted 05/12/2006
ERS graduate student Devon Eulie received the Sylvia and B. D. Schwartz Graduate Fellowship Award. The Schwartz Fellowship, which is administered by the Graduate School, provides an award of $1,500 to be applied toward tuition and fees for an academically deserving graduate student who has significantly contributed to the scholarship of his/her department.

Posted 05/12/2006
ERS graduate student Luke Davis was one of six students to receive a Graduate Teaching Excellence Award at the College of Arts and Sciences Spring Convocation. The awards recognize students who exhibit exceptional competence in their fields of study, who foster high academic standards for undergraduates and who maintain good academic standing while handling all the varied teaching requirements in and outside of the classroom. Each received a certificate and $250 stipend.

Posted 05/09/2006
Dr. Patricia Kelley was recently elected a 2006 Centennial Fellow of the Paleontological Society in recognition of her contributions to the field. The award of Fellowship was established this year, making her a charter member of the class of fellows. Her election will be formally announced at the 2006 annual meeting of the Paleontological Society.

Posted 4/19/2006
Dr. Eric Henry had his article "Numerical demonstration of surfactant concentration-dependent capillarity and viscosity effects on infiltration from a constant flux line source," published in the Journal of Hydrology. It was co-authored by James Smith of McMaster University.

Posted 03/28/2006
ERS graduate student René Lewis was awarded a $500 scholarship from the National Non-Traditional Students Association. She is also the winner of the James R. Welch Scholarship offered through the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences. This is a national award worth $1000.

Posted 3/27/2006
Dr. Robert Argenbright presented his paper, Soviet Agitational Vehicles: Between Moscow and Bears' Corners, at the conference Politics, Space, and Power in Modern Russian History, held on March 25 at The Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University on Providence, RI.

Posted 3/4/2006
Dr. Lewis Abrams was one of a team of researchers who discovered a lost civilization in Indonesia, wiped out after one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history. A documentary about the find will air on the Discovery Channel in April. Abrams was also recently funded $31,265 from the National Science Foundation to fund "Collaborative Research: Drilling Site Survey Life in Subseafloor Sediments of the South Pacific Gyre."

Posted 2/15/2006
Dr. James Dockal & Dr. Michael Smith recently published the results of their research on "Tertiary non-marine limestone within the strata of the Sullivan Buttes Volcanic Field, Yavapai County, Arizona: A petrologic and diagenetic study," in Carbonates and Evaporites, vol. 20, no. 2, 2005, 161-180.

Posted 02/1/2006
Dr. David Blake received $10,400 from DEHNR-North Carolina Geological Survey to fund "Lithodemic and Fault Zone Relationships in the Northeastern Carolina Terrane, Northern Oxford 7.5-Minute Quadrangle, North Carolina".