Disability Resource Center

Enrolled Students

Manage Your Accommodations

If you are already enrolled use the DRC Student Portal to manage your accommodations.  Use the portal to:

  • Request accommodations and send Accommodation letters directly to instructors
  • Schedule appointments to meet with a DRC staff member
  • Book a training or workshop
  • Schedule tests, quizzes, and final exams in the DRC (must be approved for this accommodation)
  • Request alternative format textbooks (must be approved for this accommodation)
  • Keep track of upcoming DRC appointments, including scheduled tests and finals
  • Obtain a copy of your accommodation letter (Note: Accommodation letters are not kept in the DRC Student Portal after the semester ends).

Scheduling Tests via the Student Portal

Students granted the accommodation to test in the DRC are responsible for scheduling their tests using the DRC Student Portal.  You should follow scheduling deadlines to ensure that space and proctoring requirements can be met.  

Scheduling Information

  • If you only received Extended Time on tests and exams, your instructor is expected to provide the accommodation.  
  • To schedule your test, you must coordinate with your instructor well in advance of your test.
  • Students are expected to arrive early for their test proctored in the DRC.

Scheduling Deadlines

  • Four business days before the test date during Fall/Spring
  • Three business days before the test date during Summer
  • By date listed in the DRC Student Portal for the Final Exam Period

Requesting Alternative Format

Students granted this accommodation can request required textbooks in alternative format through the DRC Student Portal.
  • Request alternative format as soon as possible.
  • Proof of purchase or rental is required.
    • Receipts should be uploaded when making new requests.
  • Files are created on a first come, first serve basis and may take up to six weeks.
  • If we cannot get a digital copy of your book, we will need to scan your hard copy. 
    • This requires us to chop the spine off of the book.
    • Once scanned, your book will be rebound using a coil.
  • Digital files are delivered through the Student Portal.
    • You will receive an email when your file is ready for download. 
    • If you delivered a hard copy book to be converted, you will receive instructions on how to retrieve this book from the DRC.
  • Digital files will be available for download in PDF format, unless otherwise specified during your initial enrollment meeting.
  • Digital files can be read aloud using:
    • Adobe Acrobat "Read Out Loud"
    • Texthelp's Read&Write
    • Texthelp's OrbitNote
    • Please note these are options for listening to your text aloud. You are welcome to choose any of the above options or use a tool that works best for you.

Scheduling an Appointment

Log in to the DRC Student Portal to meet with a member of the DRC staff.  You will be able to choose a Zoom or in-person meeting.

Meeting Types and Descriptions
Enrollment Meeting
  • New DRC students who received an email asking you to schedule an Enrollment meeting
Revisit Accommodations
  • Enrolled students who need to revisit or change their accommodations
Assistive Technology (AT) Consultation
  • Enrolled students who need access to AT or training on an AT tool
Executive Functioning Skill Building
  • Enrolled students who need help with executive functioning skills (e.g. time management, study skills, notetaking, etc.).
  • Enrolled students who need support not mentioned above

*If you do not see availability, make sure you are on the appropriate meeting type.  Use the arrows to navigate to different dates until you see available appointment times.

Additional Information

When Should You Send Your Accommodation Letters?

We recommend you do this close to the start of the semester.  You must do it each semester in order to have accommodations.

Always meet with your faculty each semester to discuss your accommodations.

Students are expected to discuss implementation of their accommodations with each faculty member.  Accommodations may look different for each class. 

Contact DRC staff if you have questions or need support.

Email DRC@uncw.edu or schedule an appointment through the DRC Student Portal.

Trouble logging in to the DRC Student Portal? 

Log in using your UNCW email address and password.  You may have to do Duo2Factor Authentication.  Contact DRC@uncw.edu if you still have trouble.