Disability Resource Center

Enroll with the Disability Resource Center

If you need accommodations and support based on a documented disability, whether temporary or permanent, you are required to enroll with the DRC.  Follow the steps below to complete enrollment.

  1. Student Portal: Log in to the DRC Student Portal using your UNCW email and password.
  2. Pre-Enrollment Registration: Complete the online "Pre-Enrollment Registration" form and upload recent evaluations or documentation.
    • DRC staff will review your submitted information within five business days (not including holidays).
      • Insufficient or incomplete documentation may delay your review.
    • Following the review, you will receive an email either asking you to provide additional information or asking you to continue to Step 3: Schedule an Enrollment Meeting.
  3. Schedule an Enrollment Meeting: Once you receive your email to schedule a meeting, log on to the DRC Student Portal and select "Schedule an Appointment." During this meeting we will discuss your accommodations and other supports available to you at UNCW.
    • Meetings are held on Zoom (link will be sent to your UNCW email address prior to your scheduled appointment) or in-person.
    • You are not considered enrolled with the DRC until you complete your enrollment meeting.