Disability Resource Center

For Faculty & Staff

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) acts as an advocate and primary resource for students with disabilities.  Additionally, DRC staff seek to inform, instruct, and support UNCW faculty, staff and administration in their provision of and responsibility to provide appropriate accommodations to students.  

Faculty & Staff Roles

  • Create and choose accessible instructional content;
  • Respect the student's privacy and maintain confidentiality;
  • Design a classroom environment that acknowledges the unique needs of all students and learning styles by using a variety of teaching and assessment techniques; 
  • Log in to the DRC Faculty Portal to view accommodation letters requested by students; 
  • Provide testing accommodations in the classroom (e.g. extended time, reduced distraction setting);
    • The DRC office will only proctor tests for students requiring a separate setting or specific assistive technology.  Please contact DRC@uncw.edu if you have concerns or difficulties in providing the required testing accommodations;
  • Ensure any course interactions and content are accessible for all students, for example:
    • Turn on captioning for videos and lectures,
    • Use of voice amplification (e.g. microphone) in larger classroom environments,
    • Use of alt-text to describe images, charts, tables, etc.
    • Face students during important lecture points,
    • Display key points visually;
  • Contact the DRC if there is a question about the accommodation(s) requested, the accommodation process, student performance, etc.

Faculty are encouraged to announce at the beginning of the semester or put a statement in the syllabus inviting student with disabilities to schedule an appointment. The following is a sample of a statement for the syllabus which may be used or modified to suit your course:

Non-Discrimination Statement and Need for Reasonable Accommodation Disclosure

The University of North Carolina Wilmington is committed to complying with all federal, state, and local requirements of nondiscrimination. UNCW supports the right of enrolled students to a full and equal educational opportunity and is committed to reasonable accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities or who are impacted by Title IX concerns.

Students with disabilities for whom accommodations may be necessary must be registered with, and provide official notification through, UNCW’s Disability Resource Center. Once established, responsibility for disability-related accommodations and access is shared by DRC, faculty, and the student.

Individuals who wish to report any form of gender-based discrimination or sexual misconduct/harassment—and those requesting related accommodations—should contact UNCW’s Title IX Office (www.uncw.edu/titleix). Students may also report incidents of misconduct to their faculty; however, be aware that faculty are required by law to notify the Title IX office.  If students wish to seek confidential resources without reporting an incident, three departments at UNCW are exempt from mandatory reporting requirements: CARE: Interpersonal Violence Prevention & Response, University Counseling Center, and Abrons Student Health Center.

Disability Resource Center: DePaolo Hall, Suite 1033; 910.962.7555; DRC@uncw.edu

Office of Title IX & Clery Compliance: DePaolo Hall, Suite 1003; 910.962.3557; titleix@uncw.edu

Sample Statement in Word Document