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To UNCW Faculty Partners,

Disability Resource Center (DRC) would like to remind you of our new online system for managing accommodation notification and test proctoring for students with disabilities. The DRC Faculty Portal provides increased efficiency and ease-of-use for faculty, and allows for paperless coordination of accommodations and test-proctoring services. The Faculty Portal is available through the DRC webpage [www.uncw.edu/disability] but you are encouraged to take a moment and bookmark the portal’s link for future use.


Students access the DRC Student Portal to generate their accommodation letters. Rather than being handed a letter by the student, faculty will receive an email prompting them of a new accommodation letter for one of their courses. As always, DRC expects students to have a discussion with faculty about their accommodations, and encourages you to reflect this in the disability statements on your syllabi. Faculty are reminded accommodations are not officially in place until the student initiates the accommodation letters.


DRC no longer uses paper forms to arrange test proctoring.
Instead, students schedule their exam appointments (if proctored by DRC) through the DRC Student Portal, which informs their professor a test request is waiting for approval. Faculty must log on to the DRC Faculty Portal to approve the test and to provide other proctoring instructions to DRC staff.

In our continued effort to maintain the security and academic integrity in our services, DRC no longer accepts exams via email. The DRC Faculty Portal allows a secure mechanism in which faculty can upload exams to DRC. DRC has created a series of simple Faculty Portal Tutorials to assist in learning this new process. As always, faculty are welcome to drop tests off in person or arrange for the student to bring it with them at the exam time.

Given the increasing volume of tests proctored in DRC, we advise faculty to upload their test materials to the DRC faculty portal 48 hours in advance of the exam time, when possible, and prefer to materials even earlier if available.

We understand that in implementing a new system users may encounter some unforeseen difficulties and problems. DRCis grateful for the partnership we enjoy with our faculty, and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work on this new endeavor. Should you find errors or experience difficulty, we encourage you to contact us at DRC@uncw.edu, or call 910-962-7555.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of your students,

Disability Resource Center
(910) 962-7555

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