Disability Resource Center

Faculty Portal

The DRC Faculty Portal provides instructors online access to students’ Accommodation letters and requests to test in the DRC.  Students registered with the DRC will send their accommodation letters and test requests electronically.  Faculty will be notified via email from the DRC Faculty Portal. 

Instructors use the DRC Faculty Portal to:

  • Review and confirm receipt of their students’ Accommodation letters
  • Keep track of students who have accommodations in each of their courses
  • Review and confirm student test requests for the DRC to proctor tests
  • Provide test administration details
  • Upload tests materials to the secure system
    • The DRC does not accept tests or exams via email
    • Test materials must be uploaded 48 hours in advance of the exam

Trouble with Log In?

Log in using your UNCW email address and password.  You may have to do Duo2Factor Authentication.  Contact DRC@uncw.edu if you still have trouble.