Disability Resource Center

Designing Accessible Courses

The Center on Accessible Distance Learning (AccessDL)

  • The Center on Accessible Distance Learning (AccessDL) is funded by the U.S. Department of Education to share guidance and resources on making distance learning courses accessible to students and instructors with disabilities. It is directed by DO-IT. Listed within the site are directions for joining a discussion list as well as publications, videos, websites, resource centers, promising practices, and research.
  • Ten Indicators of Accessible Distance Learning Programs were identified, based on a review of the literature, experiences creating distance learning courses that are accessible to potential students and instructors with disabilities, collaborating with the University of Washington Distance Learning program in making its courses accessible, and work with distance learning administrators nationwide.

6 Tips for an Accessible Content Strategy

Web Accessibility at UNCW

Blackboard Learn Accessibility

The following video: Keeping Accessibility In Mind , has been made available through WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind). After viewing the video, UNCW faculty and staff will have a better understanding of how people with disabilities use the web, the frustrations they feel when they cannot access the web, and what faculty and staff can do to make their sites more accessible.

To better assist UNCW faculty in their efforts to create universally accessible courses and course content, the Disability Resource Center offers a growing list of online brochures such as Keys to Accessibility and a Web Accessibility Checklist. We welcome you to print and make copies as necessary.

Visit the Faculty Room [Sponsored by DO-IT at the University of Washington] Includes comprehensive information on topics such as:

  • Academic accommodations
  • Universal design of Instruction
  • Equal access to computer technology and the Web
  • Rights and Responsibilities of students with disabilities and faculty

The Office of e-Learning - Video Captioning Services:  The Office of e-Learning is happy to announce that we are offering video captioning services for instructional videos.  The link to submit requests is below.  Please make sure the video that is submitted for captioning does not break copyright lars and falls within recommended length for online instruction. (Captioning Request Form

The NACADA Ensuring Web Accessibility presentation can be found HERE