Disability Resource Center

UNCW Disability Resource Center

Consistent with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, UNCW protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination on the basis of disability, promising equal access to programs, activities, and opportunities. As an institution, UNCW is committed to providing assistance to enable qualified students to accomplish their educational goals, as well as assuring an opportunity to derive all of the benefits of campus life.

Disability Resource Center (DRC) supports the rights of enrolled students with disabilities (SWD), and is committed to providing reasonable accommodation and proactive approaches which assert a value of—and respect for—diversity as a purpose and a practice. DRC is an advocate and primary resource for students with disabilities, and just as importantly, seeks to inform, instruct, and support UNCW faculty, staff & administration in their provision of and responsibility to provide appropriate accommodation  to SWD.

IMPORTANT Changes in 2018

  • Faculty wishing to electronically provide tests to DRC for proctoring assistance must submit materials to the Faculty Portal no later than 12:00 p.m., 2 Business days prior to the exam date.
  • DRC is happy to be able to offer SmartPens for students with disabilities qualifying for notetaking assistance. Information is provided in the Accommodation letters of those students. (Student Appropriate Usage Agreement)
  • Should you believe allowing a specific accommodation fundamentally alters the identified objectives or requirements of a course or program, including stated technical standards, it is your responsibility to contact DRC within 3 business days of accessing this notification in order to begin a review of your concern, and at all times prior to a refusal of an identified accommodation.

As a Faculty Member, What Do I Need to Know About DRC?

Notification of SWD in Class: "Accommodation Letters"

Following DRC documentation review and provision of accommodations, students will access the DRC Student Portal to generate their accommodation letters for instructors.

Faculty will receive an email prompting them of a new student accommodation letter for one of their courses. DRC expects students to have a discussion with faculty about their accommodations, and encourages you to reflect this in the disability statements on your syllabi.

Faculty are reminded accommodations are not officially in place until the student initiates the accommodation letters.  If faculty have any questions or concerns regarding a student’s accommodations, they should contact DRC as soon as possible.

Test Proctoring: Tests, Quizzes, Pop Quizzes, In-Class Graded and Times Work

Students are responsible for discussing test accommodations with faculty, and scheduling exam appointments (if proctored by DRC) through the DRC Student Portal. Faculty will receive notice of a test request waiting for approval.

Faculty must log on to the DRC Faculty Portal to approve the test and to provide proctoring instructions to DRC staff. For the sake of your students, please respond promptly.
*DRC will not proctor exams when a faculty has not responded to the testing appointment.

DRC does not accept tests via email. The Faculty Portal is a secure mechanism in which faculty can upload exams to DRC. As always, faculty are able to provide paper copies in person or arrange for the student to bring it with them at the exam time.

DRC proctors over 2100 exams during the academic year. Given this volume, faculty wishing to electronically provide their tests must submit materials to the Faculty Portal no later than
12:00 p.m., 2 Business days prior to the exam date. If you are unable to manage this timeline,
that’s ok—simply select a different delivery option when completing the approval.

Helpful Reminders

Accommodations are applicable to most courses, whether traditional, online, or practicum-based (i.e., clinical experiences, internships, laboratories).

While the student has been encouraged to communicate with you to establish accommodations in your course, student passivity or lack of engagement does not absolve you of the responsibility as a faculty member to establish the accommodation.


DRC is grateful for the partnership we enjoy with our faculty. You are invited to contact DRC for should you need assistance, find errors, or experience difficulty.

UNCW Disability Resource Center

DePaolo Hall, 1033

910-962-7555/TDD: 800-735-2962