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Provisional Acceptance

There are two main reasons that a student might be accepted into the program provisionally.

1) Deficiency in Statistics, Programming or Linear Algebra.   If this is the case,  the student is required to complete a course/program before attending in the fall. There are many ways this can be accomplished: a traditional course from UNCW or another university, an on-line courses form a university or a certificate from and on line-learning platform such as Data Camp or Coursera.  Some examples form Data Camp are listed above


2) Overall GPA under 3.0.  Some applicants have very strong records in the computational courses that ae likely indicators of success in our program, but have an overall GPA  just under 3.0.  The graduate school at UNCW requires a 3.0 for admittance but these students can be accepted provisionally provided that they obtain a grade of B or better in all courses in the first year of the program to remain in good standing.