M.S. in Data Science

Cost of Attendance and Financial Information

The program has enrolled 65 students in the first three years and all students have received some form of financial assistance.

Graduate Assistantships

All students receive a $1500 stipend in their first semester to work 5 hours a week on a Data Science related project under faculty supervision.  Students are eligible to receive up to $3000 in stipends in their second and third semesters as long as they were making satisfactory progress towards their degree. Many students choose not to increase their stipends because they have obtained an internship in the field that would be occurring in those semesters.     

Tuition Scholarships

For the first three years of the program, all students received some amount of tuition scholarship and NO STUDENT has paid any out of state tuition.


Approx Cost of Attendance 2019 rates

(Rates will likely increase slightly for the last semester)

Important: Out of State Tuition Waivers cover this difference between In State Tuition and Out of State Tuition and do not cover Summer Out of StateTuition 

Semesters In State Out of State

UNCW Base Graduate Tuition and Fees

3 $3,728 $10,642
Differential Fees 3 $750 $750
Differential Tuition 3 $500 $500
Summer Tuition 1 $259 $937
Total Tuition & Fees $15,871


Approx Cost of Attendance Comparison 2018 rates

School Degree

In-State Tuition and Fees

Out of State Tuition and Fees Length of program in months
UNCW MS Data Science $15,018 $36,249 16
UNC Charlotte Masters of Data Science and Business Analytics $20,600 $39,100 15-24
University of Virginia MS Data Science $28,421 $42,563 11
NC State MS Analytics $26,500 $46,500 10
University of Georgia
MS in Business Analytics $19,378 $35,362 12
VC Masters of Decision Analytics $43,000 $43,000 24
Wake Forest MS in Business Analytics $50,082 $50,082 10
Duke University Masters of Quantitative Management $65,975 $65,975 10

Cost of Living