M.S. in Data Science

Admission Requirements

Application and supplemental documents must be submitted by the published deadline. A complete application consists of:

    1. An application for graduate admission submitted online through the Graduate School website.
    2. Official transcripts of all college work (undergraduate and graduate).
    3. Three recommendations from individuals in professionally relevant fields.
      Each applicant also must:
    4. Have a strong overall academic record and have passed the following undergraduate courses or their equivalent: an introductory statistics course, a course in linear algebra, and a programming course.

Admissions decisions are based upon the examination of several factors and, where other indicators of success warrant, individuals who fall below the established criterion in one of the areas may be considered for admission. Such individuals may be required to take additional course work to remove deficiencies or may be required to demonstrate proficiency in certain areas.


International Applicants

Visa Sponsorship: Newly admitted students requesting visa sponsorship will be contacted by the Office of International Programs (OIP). OIP will collect the proof of financial support and supporting documentation required to issue the immigration documents. Immigration documents are not collected during the admissions process and are not required for application review.

OPT: Students in the Data Science program are eligible for a total of 3 years of OPT (1 year of initial OPT, then 2 years of STEM extension OPT). Students are not eligible to apply for OPT until they complete 1 academic year (2 semesters) of their program.

TOEFL or IELTS: The TOEFL or IELTS test is required for all international applicants, unless you are a Lawful Permanent Resident (green card holder), English is your native language, or your baccalaureate degree was conferred from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. Standardized Test scores are official for two years; after two years they will not be considered acceptable.

The following school codes will help in requesting test scores to be sent to the Graduate School. As long as the correct school code is on your scores, they will be received by UNCW, regardless of department. Do not put a department code on your score.





School Code


Search "Wilmington"

Minimum Score Requirement


6.5 for acceptance,

7.0 for TA consideration


  • Do not send unevaluated foreign transcripts directly to the Graduate School.
  • Credential evaluations are not required for short-term study abroad experiences sponsored and transcripted through a regionally accredited U.S. institution.
  • All foreign course-by-course transcript evaluations should be requested from a NACES approved credit evaluation service, WES.org evaluation preferred. The course-by-course credit evaluation will determine the institution accreditation, degree, credits and course equivalents earned. The evaluation should be sent directly to the Graduate School.
  • Department of State Agency applicants(i.e.. Fulbright, AMIDEAST, Laspau, or USAID) may upload an unofficial copy of their transcripts in English into the online application. Agencies will submit original transcripts if an offer of acceptance is extended.