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A collaboration has formed to refine and analyze over 40 years of data regarding nesting sites and abundance of colonial waterbirds. Data were collected from the statewide Colonial Waterbird Census, which was initiated in the 1970s by UNCW professor emeritus Dr. James Parnell, and includes such species as the Brown Pelican, White Ibis, and Least Tern.Olivia Bryson, Lauren Hare and Nathan Kirse have been working with Lindsay Addison , Carmen Johnson, Sara Schweitzer and Nick Jennings on the project. Some of the initial work with ArcGIS mapping of the data can be found here https://arcg.is/1i0Su5 and here http://arcg.is/0C495D


Data Science 2018 Mixer

Check out the pictures from the 2018 Mixer along with our practicum groups here.



UNCW Data Science teams with the Socio-Economic Analysis Lab (SEAL)

The Geo-Analysis group, comprised of Nicholas Rupp, Britton Baxley, Tyler Hefty, and Matthew Yohe, supervised by Dr. Mark Lammers (MS Data Science program Director), and Dr. Narcisa Pricope (Director of Socio-Economic Analysis Lab), completed an analysis of the land use change in New Hanover County North Carolina between the 2005 and 2011.  This analysis was done as a preparatory step to familiarize the group with each other’s field and to prepare for the future task of invasive species classification through drone and satellite imagery.


SAS super freqs

Team Selected for SAS Global Forum

Congratulations to UNCW DSC Team -SAS  Super Freqs- on being selected as one of the eight finalists for the Student Symposium at the 2018 SAS Global Forum.  Congrats Hilary Melroy, Michelle Page, Brittany Palmer, Greg Terlecky and their adviser Dr. Jim Blum. Check out what they were working on. https://lnkd.in/emFcVn9

estuary DSC Net Ecosystem Metabolism Project

UNCW Data Science students Paul Cole, Jessica Cook and Cassidy Nix have been working with Byron Toothman from the National Estuarine Research Reserves calculating the net ecosystem metabolism for locations on North Carolina's coast. Check out some of their work. https://lnkd.in/gSHbf3Z

Turtle group DSC Turtle Nesting Habits Project

Adam Silva and Olivia Bryson have been working with Chris Shank from the Bald Head Island Conservancy mapping nesting habits of sea turtles from data taken over the last 37 years. Check out a map of hatch success based on total eggs and number hatched. https://arcg.is/1rTe1X  For more news about the program, check out our LinkedIn posts here

 Fema-AnalyticsDSC Coastline Communities Project

Two of our students (Nick Rupp and Greg Terlecky) in the new MS in Data Science program at UNCW are working with Dr. Dylan McNamara  on a project related to Dr. McNamara's NSF grant on the Future of Coastline Communities  (https://goo.gl/Swzunq).  Some of the analysis combining FEMA and PSDS data can be found here.  (https://goo.gl/eHsm67)

Data Science MixerInaugural Class

Look at the pictures from our mixer.

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