Department of Biology Chair Chris Finelli

Center for Faculty Leadership


The Center for Faculty Leadership (CFL) is dedicated to developing and sustaining a high quality of academic leadership that is central to the mission and goals outlined in the University's strategic plan. The Center serves as a resource for individuals with aspirations for academic leadership, as a training center for newly appointed department chairs, division coordinators, and program directors, and as a retooling center for current, mid-level academic leaders interested in improving the quality of their academic programs and/or advancing their professional careers in university administration. Information and assistance emphasize exploration, experimentation, and networking with programs presented in a variety of venues: informal discussions, formal workshops, guest speakers, conferences, networking, and alliance building, mentoring and shadowing. The Center's mission encourages collaborative initiatives by the faculty. Thus, the Center also serves as resource and support for faculty-generated initiatives that require institutional support beyond the departmental or program level.