CTE & CFL Communities

CTE and CFL share a goal of cultivating intentional communities that enhance professional development, leadership, and pedagogical and technological innovation. We provide resources and support for all of these existing communities and encourage faculty and campus leaders to create additional communities that promote collaboration across disciplines.

Seahawk Digital Literacy: Adobe Fellows Program

Interested in integrating Adobe Creative Cloud into your classroom? Want to learn a new Adobe program or help your students take their skills to the next level? Apply to CTE no later than Monday, February 3rd for the Spring 2020 Digital Literacy Fellows Program.

The program will feature two working groups, both geared toward creating a supportive community of faculty Adobe users at UNCW : a “PUGS” Power User Group and a “BUGS” Beginner User Group. Both groups will meet for two afternoon workshops during the semester: Friday, February 14th and Friday, March 20th, and both groups will be expected to present their projects at the Seahawk Digital Literacy Showcase on Friday, May 1st. All participants who complete the program will receive a $1000 stipend. For more information about UNCW’s Adobe subscription, visit https://uncw.edu/itsd/working/adobe.html.

Book Circle Communities

Every semester, CTE creates numerous book circles, each of which functions independently and focuses on professional development or teaching-related topic. Stop by Randall 2038 to preview copies of the books. For more information and to sign up, visit Book Circles.

University-Wide Mentoring Community

University-wide mentoring is designed to provide support and consultation for faculty outside of their academic disciplines. Experienced faculty mentor new faculty and any faculty member may request mentorship. For more information contact CTE and CFL.

Teaching Partnerships

UNCW’s colleges and departments often have formal mentoring structures in place for junior faculty, but informal partnerships specifically related to teaching can benefit faculty at all stages. The Teaching Partnership Initiative connects faculty from across campus to support and enhance their teaching. CTE will pair faculty in all stages of their careers based on their needs and preferences to promote attention to effective teaching and learning through formative, collaborative experiences. For more information, see Teaching Partnership Initiative.

Scholarship Support Group

The scholarship support community offers faculty members university-wide resources and informed and helpful peer group to encourage scholarly publication. To join the scholarship support community visit Randall 2038 or contact CTE and CFL.

Research Educator's Applied Learning Collaborative (REAL-C)

REAL-C is a group that seeks to bring current, past, and future research methods instructors from across campus together. Faculty with varying degrees of experience are welcome and encouraged to participate. If you are interested in joining this group or you would like more information, please contact Kristin Bolton.

NextUp Leadership Development Fellows

NextUp is a competitive program that invites applications from faculty at all ranks for a year-long immersion in developing their potential as leaders in academic settings. NextUp Fellows gain exposure to leadership principles and theories through eight modules on everything from university structure and systems to project management. To complete the program, Fellows must design and complete their own leadership development projects.

Leadership Discussion Communities

CFL provides resources and meeting space for groups of campus leaders who read and discuss influential texts on transformational and innovative leadership. To form a new leadership discussion community, contact your CTE and CFL directors.