view of clocktower from inside Randall Library

Staff | Advisory Board

The Center for Teaching Excellence and the Center for Faculty Leadership are located in Randall Library on the Second Floor Room 2038.
910.962.3034. Please contact the staff with any questions, suggestions, or concerns


Center for Teaching Excellence

  • Jacquelyn Lee, Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence (Associate Professor in the School of Social Work)
  • Allison Toney, Associate Director for the Center for Teaching Excellence (Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Colleen Reilly, Faculty Associate (Professor in the Department of English)

Center for Faculty Leadership

  • Diana Ashe, Director of the Center for Faculty Leadership (Professor in the Department of English)

Advisory Board

  • Theodore Burgh, Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religion (CAS)
  • Don Bushman, Associate Professor, English (CAS)
  • Caroline Clements, Professor, Psychology (CAS)
  • James DeVita, Associate Professor, Education Leadership (WCE)
  • Chris Dumas, Professor, Environmental Sciences (CAS)
  • Don Furst, Professor, Art and Art History (CAS)
  • Elizabeth Gazza, Associate Professor, Nursing (CHHS)
  • Michael Maume, Professor, Sociology & Criminology (CAS)
  • Kevin McClure, Associate Professor, Education Leadership (WCE)
  • Anne Pemberton, Associate Director of Library Instructional Services (LIB)
  • Rebecca Stultz, Curriculum & Learning Communities Coordinator (University College)
  • Allison Toney, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics (CAS)
  • Brian Victor, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Ex Officio: Marilyn Sheerer, Provost
  • Ex Officio: Richard Ogle, Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Ex Officio: Beverly McGuire, Director of University Studies
  • Ex Officio: Shawn Bingham, Director of Honors College
  • Ex Officio: ___, Office of Distance Education and e-Learning