Computer Science

CSC 292: Visual Design for Multimedia

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Designing for the internet and user interactivity is a complex and dynamic undertaking. Our focus in
this course will be on the basic processes of creative visual problem solving and the use of computer
software and technology as a means to produce design prototypes for screen-based design platforms.
Course work will consist of lectures/demonstrations, discussions, readings, and assigned projects.
Reading assignments will be available in the assigned text or from the course web site. Reading
assignments are required and are to be completed before the class when they are scheduled to be
discussed. Work days will be scheduled to work on assigned projects and to provide individual assistance.
Through the course work you will be introduced to some of the technical, theoretical and
practical considerations which inform current digital media design. Software will be demonstrated
during class time (be sure to take notes!) and it is your responsibility to master the software in order
to complete assigned projects outside of class. If you are having difficulty in learning the software,
please make an appointment to get assistance from the appropriate instructor. Your full participation
is required in order to pass this course and you must attend class and complete all assigned
projects in order to earn a passing grade.


ART 260 and CSC 105 or CSC/CIT 110.

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