Service Learning

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Internships and Experiential Learning

The Cameron School of Business encourages students to participate in internships. Internships focus on learning & provide students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired through their coursework, while gaining marketable skills through hands-on experience.

Most employers (87.2%) interviewed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) said their new hires do have internship or co-op experiences.

Internships for Academic Credit

The student, faculty & internship provider are required to fill out an experiential education internship registration form. The form can be found here:

UNCW SeaWork

This should be your first step! SeaWork is UNCW's online resume and job posting system: a way for students and alumni to connect with employers for internships, and full-time and part-time jobs! Keep your profile updated and make sure your resume is posted! Employers review posted resumes. This is where you will be able to access Career Shift and as well.

UNCW Certified Internship Program

This program targets all UNCW students who are seeking or have secured an internship position (fall, spring, summer, or any specified amount of time) but are not eligible (or choose not) to receive academic credit.

Other Internship Resources


Students sign up for WayUp (always free!) and fill out their virtual profile. Meanwhile, employers create a profile and post a job (it’s free to post). Employers can be as specific or vague as they want with targeting students, so that only qualified students can see the job listing. If the job is approved, qualified students will be notified, and the matching can begin. Students can apply to the job (often through just one click, like a Common App but for job applications), and businesses can also search through our student database and invite specific students to apply.It's a match made in heaven! (Well, actually, it's made on Employers will get the applicant's full contact information, and can then contact the student directly to interview or hire.


Chegg has recently partnered with the biggest internship provider to assemble one of the largest databases around. Students can access and match themselves to over 70k internships from some of the top companies in the world… and it's completely free! 

Additional Resources

North Carolina Internship Resources

Chambers of commerce, industrial parks, and regional economic development websites are excellent resources to identify and research area businesses for potential internship or career opportunities. Below are just a few listings to get the point across!

Government and Non-Profit Internship Resources

The following is a sample of internships for government and non-profits. Some require research and analytical skills, specifying economic majors.

North Carolina

Throughout the U.S.