M.S. in Finance & Investment Management Online Course Matrix

Tentative Course Sequence

Note: there are six entry points/year - you are welcome to start at any time and take courses in whichever order you prefer within the set sequence of courses.

M.S. Finance and Investment Management online course sequence
Term Class(es) Credit Hours
Fall I FIN 580: Quantitative Investment Analysis    3
Fall I

FIN 501: Ethics in the Financial Marketplace
FIN 502: Ethics in Decision Making

Fall II

FIN 536: Corporate Finance

Fall II FIN 533: Derivatives & Risk Management 3
Spring I FIN 530: Equity Investments 3
Spring I FIN 532: Economics for the Finance Professional 3
Spring II FIN 534: Fixed Income Analysis 3
Spring II FIN 538: Financial Reporting & Analysis 3
Summer I

FIN 540: Portfolio Management & Wealth Planning

Summer II

FIN 531: Alternative Investments


All courses are seven weeks in duration. Six semester hours of credit are offered during each session.

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