MSBA Program Overview

The M.S. Business Analytics is an online program available full or part-time designed for those who currently work in or wish to begin a career in business analytics.


Projected increase in business analytics jobs through 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job titles in the business analytics field include (but are not limited to) quantitative analysts, data analysts, market research analysts, statisticians, budget analysts, financial managers, marketing managers, risk management specialists and more.

This degree is offered fully online with no required in-person activities, designed specifically to allow students to balance work, home, and school responsibilities

What will I gain?

Through an interactive exchange with faculty and classmates, MSBA students will gain:

  • The ability to apply the methods and skills covered in courses to solve realistic business analytics problems in an appropriate time frame for that problem;
  • Understanding and application of the techniques to collect and transform data into appropriate formats for analytics and analysis;
  • Understanding of the analytics tools and techniques to manage analytics projects in various business environments;
  • Proficient professional communication—the ability to ‘tell a story with data’ that is appropriate for the target audience such as upper management or analysts in other business units.


  • 30 credit hours / 10 courses
  • In-state tuition $17,358
  • No GMAT/GRE required
  • The program features a capstone course designed around a specific business analysis problem; the capstone course includes interim and final reports


  • Students can begin the program in Fall, Spring, or Summer
  • Archived, online coursework
  • Full or part-time available