Marketing Concentration - Courses

MKT 340. Principles of Marketing (3) Prerequisite: Junior standing. Introduction to the concepts, activities and decisions that relate to the marketing function in domestic and international business. Focus on development and implementation of marketing strategies through the use of marketing mix variables of product, price, distribution, and promotion.

MKT 343. Marketing Intelligence & Communication (3) Prerequisite: QMM 280 and MKT 340. Analysis / interpretation of data and communication of findings to allow for effective marketing decision making. Emphasis on the use of qualitative and quantitative data from large internal and external databases with the interpretive results communicated in the form of business letters and internal memorandums.

MKT 345. Sports Marketing (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340. Examination of the application of marketing concepts to sports events and the use of sports as a marketing tool by other organizations. An emphasis on the use of sports within the total marketing mix.

MKT 346. Retail Management (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340. Examination of the principles and methods of retailing. Study of social, political, ethical, and economic environments. Emphasis on market segmentation, merchandising, and managerial control.

MKT 347. Promotion Management (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340. Integrated marketing communications with an emphasis on advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and sales promotion, as a component of the marketing mix and overall organizational strategy from the perspective of the marketer, advertiser, agency, consumer and public.

MKT 348. Professional Selling (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340. Examination of the theory and practice of sales skills designed to provide a professional foundation to students who will be involved in professional selling careers. Includes fundamentals of professional selling with an emphasis on self-confidence, persuasive presentation of ideas and products, customer orientation, and other selling behaviors.

MKT 349. Consumer Behavior (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340. Behavioral science concepts and principles and how they contribute to effective and efficient marketing activities from the perspective of the consumer, marketer and public policy maker.

MKT 440. Marketing Analytics (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340 and admission to Cameron School of Business. Focuses on the role of evidence-based data in decision-making and how to leverage data as a strategic asset. Emphasis on the predictive potential of data by translating vast amounts of complex data into manageable information in order to make sound decisions. The effective use of marketing metrics offers insights into customer preferences and trends and allows for the detection of patterns, the making of new associations, and the acquisition of a deeper understanding of customers.

MKT 441. Sales Force Automation (SFA) (formerly known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM)) (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340 and MIS 313 (or MIS 213). This course examines the systems approach that sales managers and sales representatives use to assist in managing customers relative to the capture and storage of customer interactions and transactional data. Focus is on the use of this data to better meet customer needs, build profitable relationships, and provide metrics to assess performance.

MKT 442. (INB 442) International Marketing (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340. Focus is on the special framework in which international marketing is conducted. Influence of international institutions, culture, stage of economic development, geography and demography are covered. Emphasis on multinational marketing problems and opportunities in an ever-changing world.

MKT 443. Marketing Research Design (3) Prerequisite MKT 343. The development and utilization of the marketing research process and the components of a marketing research project for business decisions. Emphasis on the collection of qualitative and quantitative data to solve a specific business problem or identify opportunities used to develop and evaluate courses of marketing action.

MKT 444. Internet Marketing (3) Prerequisite MKT 340 and MIS 213. Project oriented course designed to provide students with the technical and marketing skills required to manage and launch an effective Internet business strategy. Emphasis on the application of marketing principles and practices to web marketing and electronic commerce.

MKT 445. Marketing Strategy (3) Prerequisite: Senior standing and completion of an additional nine hours of upper division marketing courses. Concepts of demand analysis, formulating marketing strategy, establishing policies and procedures, coordinating marketing action, and evaluating performance.

MKT 447. Services Marketing (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340. A study of the marketing of services with emphasis on the distinctions that exist between marketing intangibles and tangible products. The managerial implications and strategies available in services marketing are also examined.

MKT 448. Sales Management (3) Prerequisite: MKT 340, 348. Focus on developing and maintaining an effective sales organization. Emphasis on the role of the salesperson, motivating the sales force, and designing and implementing selling strategies.

MKT 491. Directed Individual Study (1-6) Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and consent of the department chairperson. For further information, consult theDirected Individual Studies section in this catalogue.

MKT 495. Seminar: Special Topics in Marketing (1-3) Prerequisite: MKT 340. Special marketing topics not covered in other marketing courses. This course may be repeated under a different subtitle.

MKT 498. Internship in Marketing (1-6) Prerequisite: MKT 340 plus 6 additional hours in marketing, 3.00 GPA in the Cameron School of Business, and senior standing.

MKT 499. Honors Work in Marketing (2-3) Prerequisite: Senior standing. Independent work for honors students.