Photo: Lee Parton, Elizabeth Lawton, Dr. Julianne Treme, Zoë VanDerPloeg, and Ben Shoesmith

Economics and Finance Student Research

The Economics and Finance Department encourages our undergraduates to pursue research while at UNCW. Congratulations to the following students for their accomplishments in independent economics and finance research.

Students Present Research at National Conference

Alejandro Doldan, Ryan MacLean, Sean Kosowsky, Ben Shoesmith, and Zoë VanDerPloeg presented their research at the 8th Annual UNCW CSURF Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creativity on April 18. Alejandro Doldan and Ben Shoesmith earned the Undergraduate Research Scholar designation for exceptional undergraduate research. Their supervisors were Nivine Richie, Pete Schuhmann, and Julianne Treme.

Economics Students Present Research at National Conference

Elizabeth Lawton, Lee Parton, Benjamin Shoesmith and Zoë VanDerPloeg received CSURF travel grants to present their research at the nationally renowned Eastern Economics Association Conference from March 13-15 in Boston, Massachusetts. The EEA hosts sessions showcasing undergraduate research from universities on the East coast. Each student gave a 15-minute oral presentation and participated in a Question and Answer session to discuss their research with peers and professors from other schools.

Parton's research examined the link between bike paths and crime in Wilmington; Shoesmith explored the relationship between police expenditures and crime rates in the last three decades; and Lawton and VanDerPloeg investigated the effects of star power on films' box office success. All four students presented posters about their research at the UNCW Undergraduate Research Showcase in April 2012.

Supervisor Dr. Julianne Treme accompanied the quartet to Boston.

Economics Student wins CSURF Fellowship Award for 2012-2013

Sophomore Zoë VanDerPloeg won the Paul E. Hosier Undergraduate Research and Creativity Fellowship Competition Award for the Spring 2012 semester. She received the highest possible grant amount of $1,000 to support her research she developed this year. Entitled "Fresh Flicks: An Examination of the Impact of Social Media on Box Office Revenues", VanDerPloeg's work examines the effects of popular virtual networking outlets such as Twitter on film revenues. She presented her findings at the Eastern Economics Association Conference in Boston, MA in March 2012. She will continue to develop this relatively unexplored topic and intends to publish her work by the end of the next school year. Her supervisor is Dr. Julianne Treme.

Previous economics recipients of the award include Lindsey Sackett and William Hite.

Economics Student wins 2011 Research Fellowship Award

Lindsey Sackett won the Paul E. Hosier Fellowship for the Fall 2011 semester. The fellowship is a monetary award to assist in the continuation of her ongoing research agenda. In the fall semester she will conduct part two of the research titled "Getting That Summertime Tan: Investigating the North Carolina Tanning Facility Industry." Part one, conducted in Spring 2011 and presented at the Research in the Capital event in Raleigh, extended knowledge related to North Carolina indoor tanning salons, which had previously been almost non-existent. Part two will examine the effects of the tanning tax implemented in July of 2010. Dr. Julianne Treme is her advisor.

Students Selected to Present Research On State and National Level

Stephen Lednum, Erik Chapek, and Lindsey Sackett were selected by CSURF to present their research in an off-campus setting. Lednum and Chapek will present their research at the Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Symposium on April 8 at Hofstra University. Sackett will meet with state legislators and present her research at the Research in the Capital event in Raleigh on April 13.

Lednum was selected to give an oral presentation regarding his examination of the relationship between police officer salaries and crime rates. Chapek will be presenting a poster outlining his analysis of the equity and currency volatility in emerging market countries during the 2007-2010 credit crisis. Sackett will showcase her research on the impact of economic, demographic, and geographic factors on the tanning industry in North Carolina.

Chapek's advisor is Dr. Nivine Richie and Lednum and Sackett's advisor is Dr. Julianne Treme.

Record Number of Economics and Finance Students Present Research at 2011 UNCW Showcase of Undergraduate Research

Congratulations to the 23 Economics and Finance students that presented their research at the UNCW Showcase of Undergraduate Research event on April 29, 2011. Research descriptions can be found here URS2011. Advisors for the research projects included Dr. Richie, Dr. Moffett, Dr. Graham, Dr. Dumas, and Dr. Treme. Application information for 2012 can be found at this site. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Julianne Treme.

2010 Economics Poster Competition

Congratulations to the winners of our first annual Economics Poster Competition! The winning poster received $50 and a timeless trophy.


Catherine Flake: Determinants of Attendance at the North Carolina Aquarium


Brittany Bass, Robert Goodin, Greg DiBenedetto, Kyle Falvey: From American Muscle Cars to Italian Exotics


Photo: Brittany Bass , Greg DiBenedetto


Preston Barber, Nathan Fisher: Getting Paid to Catch

Andréanne Méley, Davis Ann Talton: Determinants of Catch in the Barbados Trap Fishery


Photo: Andréanne Méley, Davis Ann Talton

2010 Best Econometrics Paper Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of our first annual Best Econometrics Paper Award! Winners received $40 and a timeless trophy.


Photo: Meagan Jackson, Jason Pogue, and Timeless Trophies


Sara Casey, The Impact of Urbanization on Human Stature during the Industrial Revolution

Trevor Ahbleza Crazy Horse Stanley, Effects of Offensive Strategies on NFL Performance

Daniel Soques, Describing the Federal Funds Rate through Simple Policy Rules

Meagan Jackson and Jason Pogue, Determinants of Personal Health Care Expenditure: A State-level Analysis

Honorable Mention

Irina Englesby, The Effect of Economic Factors on Giving to Churches

Matthew J. Raines, Texas Tea and the FOMC: The Relationship Between Oil Prices and Monetary Policy

2010 Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

Economics and finance students presented their research to a broad UNC Wilmington and community audience at the Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship fair. Please click on the following link for more information.
2010 Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

Paul E. Hosier Undergraduate
Research and Creativity Fellowship

Congratulations to William Hite, recipient of the Paul E. Hosier Undergraduate Research and Creativity Fellowship in the field of Health Economics. William received a partial tuition waiver for the 2009-2010 academic year and will present his work, Factors Affecting the Percentage of Uninsured in the United States, at the UNCW Undergraduate Research Showcase. His advisor is Dr. Julianne Treme.

Directed Independent Study

Directed independent study (FIN 491 or ECN 491) is available for juniors and seniors to take to develop research, scholarship, and inquiry skills. The deans oversee the application and registration process. If you are interested in participating in a Directed Independent Study, please e-mail the professor you would like to work with for more information.