Trevor Stanley and Meagan JacksonPhoto: Trevor Stanley and Heather Brantley

2010 Showcase of Undergraduate Research and Creative Scholarship

The Center for the Support of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships sponsored a poster fair in Randall Library from April 6 to April 15, 2010. The poster fair provides students from all departments a chance to present their research to a broad UNC Wilmington and community audience. The student poster fair features original research, with the students present to explain their work and answer questions.

  • Trevor Stanley: "The Effects of Offensive Strategies on NFL Performance." Advisor: Julianne Treme
    To view Trevor Stanley's poster
  • Meagan Jackson, Heather Brantley, and Ali Ballard: "Game, Set, Money! Examining the Determinants of Prize Money in Women's Tennis." Advisor: Julianne Treme
    To view their poster
  • Greg Files: "Housing Index Sensitivity to Selected Macroeconomic Variables." Advisor: Ed Graham
    To view Greg Files' poster
  • James Holland: "Implications on Market Efficiency." Advisor: Ed Graham