Economics Club (NABE)

NABE is UNCW's economics club.  The purpose of this club is to promote the advancement of economic ideas and discussion and provide opportunities for its members.  These opportunities include networking and career opportunities, with a favorite activity being the annual Raleigh trip to visit employers that hire UNCW economics graduates.  If you have an interest in economic ideas and want to explore your opportunities beyond the classroom then this is the club for you!

Careers in Economics on NABE website

Officers and Contact Information

Featured Events

  • Live Oak Bank Tour
  • Socials
  • Research Presentations
  • SAS Trip
  • Paint Ball

Tutor Schedule

The University Learning Center offers free tutoring in economics. Please visit their website for more information.

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of peer-facilitated group review sessions designed to help students succeed in historically difficult courses. Undergraduate or graduate students who have already successfully completed the course are recommended by departmental faculty and selected to serve as SI leaders at these review sessions. Please visit their website for more information.