Portfolio Design and Management (FIN 440)

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The BB&T Center for Global Capitalism and Ethics supports the teaching of Finance 440 in which students develop skills to analyze individual securities and then focus on investment portfolio design. These skills are ultimately applied in managing UNCW's real-dollar student-managed investment fund, a fund sparked by a one million dollar gift from the BB&T Foundation.

Although other asset classes may be discussed in the course, equity is the focal asset class for analysis. Fundamental analysis is emphasized, but technical analysis as well as the psychology of investing are discussed. After developing security valuation skills, efforts will then shift to sector analysis and portfolio construction. The investing framework developed by one class is inherited and improved upon by students in future semesters.

Admission to FIN 440 is competitive; outstanding students may apply for admission to this course. Basic qualifications include admission to the Cameron School of Business and prerequisites including the successful completion of Finance 335, Finance 330, and Finance 336. To take the course in the Fall semester, applications are due by approximately April 15th. To take the course in the Spring semester, applications are due by approximately November 15th. Please contact Dr. Bill Sackley for more information.