Envestnet Institute on Wealth Management Certification Campus

Would you like to learn about the wealth management industry? Are you looking for ways to find yourself from other job seekers?

If so, apply for one of the 25 scholarships available to UNCW students to complete the Envestnet Institute on Campus Wealth Management Certification. UNCW has been selected as one of 17 universities to participate in the Envestnet Institute on Campus program.

For more information, contact Dr. Adam JonesDepartment Chair of Economics & Finance.

Students are encouraged to sign up for their certificate program - additional information on the program can be found on their website and here.

Fall 2018 Recipients

Congratulations to our fall 2018 Envestnet Institute on Campus certification recipients. EIOC is a collaboration between firms in the wealth management industry to bring real-world training to students. As one of 16+ partner universities, UNCW is pleased to offer up to 25 scholarships for students to complete the EIOC certification at no cost. Complete the 7 online modules with 80% or higher score and earn the certification. More information is found here.

  • James Ahern
  • William Elmore
  • Jared Gaines
  • Elia Gutsatz
  • Alec Kondichook
  • Corey Martinez
  • Zach Merritt
  • Stefanie Pollack
  • Nathan Rodgers
  • Andrew Sankey
  • Tanner Sharp
  • Megan Shoff
  • Jerrell Underwood III
  • Richard White
  • Coleman Williford

Spring 2017 Recipients

  • Shea Amdur
  • Odin Beveridge
  • Faith Blakely
  • Danielle Doyle
  • Tyler Edmisten
  • Rewan Fayed
  • The Glick
  • Charles Green
  • Kelsey Gulden
  • Alexander Harris
  • Joseph Helmick
  • Michelle Ho
  • Calvin Keller
  • John Lynn
  • Jeremy Pope
  • Dana Tomkalski
  • Bryce Webber
  • Mckenna Weisbarth
  • Brandon Wessels

Fall 2016 Recipients

  • Alejandro Linares
  • Amanda Roberts
  • Andrew Savage
  • Corbin Penland
  • Daniel Poussard
  • Dillon Leech
  • Enzo Ventura
  • Jesse Pridgen
  • Justin Barnes
  • Kendall Clayborne
  • Kevin Cohick
  • Matthew Mulhollen
  • Patrick Walker
  • Phillip Ward
  • Raphael Kubicki
  • Rita Ozolins
  • Tory Klabo
  • Zachary Gilliam