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Dr. Joni Backstrom (EVS) presented a talk titled 'Four Hurricanes in Four years - Coastal Impacts and Recovery across southeast NC' for a special session on Coastal Erosion at the All-Atlantic Summit 6th High-Level Industry-Science-Government Dialogue on Atlantic Interactions: Innovation for Sustainable Marine Development and the Blue Economy. 

Drs. Joni "Osku" Backstrom and Sheri Shiflett presented to the Town of Holden Beach at their January Board meeting. Osku provided a summary of inlet studies and Sheri provided them a summary of dune vegetation studies which we conducted in 2020. Graduate students Karly Lohan, Will Paynter, and Emily Michaud assisted with field work. We were awarded $15,600 in 2019 from the Town of Holden Beach for "Inlet morphology and dune vegetation studies." We have produced two technical reports for the Town. “Inlet induced shoreline changes along Holden Beach, NC (2000-2019).” Backstrom, J.T., Shiflett, S., and K. Lohan. “Dune vegetation characterization and baseline monitoring: Holden Beach, NC.” Shiflett S., Backstrom J.T., Paynter, W., Michaud E., Rotenburg, J., and A. Busch.

Amy Grogan (BMB) and Mike Mallin (CMS) presented “Investigating plastic bottles as a reservoir for Enterococcus.” Southeastern Estuarine Research Society Fall Meeting, Greenville, N.C. On-line.

Mike Mallin (CMS) and Amy Grogan (BMB) presented "Successful coastal area BMPs to reduce nutrient, fecal bacteria, and TSS loading.” North Carolina Lake Management Society Fall 2020 Workshop, On-line.  

Jason Campbell (candidate for a Master’s degree in Marine Biology and resident algal guru) recently presented at the 42nd Southeastern Phycological Colloquy. Jason is mentored by Dr. Wilson Freshwater (CMS) and Dr. Craig Bailey (BMB).

Mike Mallin (CMS) was interviewed by Kendall McGee, WECT News, on water pollution in Clear Run Creek, November 10, 2020. 


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