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Rother, M. (PI), T. Patterson (Co-PI), and P.Knapp (Co-PI). North Carolina Policy Collaboratory - $27,000 (2019). (EVS)

Osku Backstrom was awarded a Cahill Grant: 'A geomorphological characterization of southeast North Carolina's offshore reefs.' Value $4602.50 (EVS, CMS)

Kamel, Stephanie; Population genetics of Thalassia testudinum in Florida Bay; Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC); $8,700.00. (CMS)

Scharf, Frederick; Brunswick Field Sampling; Duke Energy Corporation; $10,000.00. (CMS)

Styron, Henry; Drogue tow test; General Dynamics, Inc; General Dynamics, Inc; $9,150.00 (CMS)

Glidden, Eric; UNCW UVP support of Woods Hole Mesobot via LinkQuest USBL system; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; $12,464.00 (CMS) 


Tricia Kelley (EOS) presented "Evolution and Creation: Conflicting or Compatible?" at the Faith and Science series at St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church in Wilmington on November 6, 2019.

Tricia Kelley (EOS) presented two Paleontological Society Distinguished Lectures at Randolph-Macon College: a public lecture on “Evolution and Creation: Conflicting or Compatible?” (November 14) and Biology department seminar on “The arms race from a snail’s perspective: evolution of the naticid gastropod predator-prey system” (November 15). (more)

Roger Shew (EOS) gave several presentations this month:

October 10-11: Global Summit on Offshore Energy: Hydrocarbons and Wind Energy Reserves, Locations, and Issues.

November 2: "Discussion of Coastal Zone Issues" to Cape Fear River Watch.

November 14: UNCW OLLI on Sea and Coffee on Renewable Energy: Current and Future Status and Issues.

November 16: UNCW College Day on High Water Coming to an Area Near You: A Discussion of Storm Processes, Sea Level Rise, and Nuisance/Perigeal Flooding.

November 24-25: Southeastern Division of the American Association of Geographers meeting, Wilmington, on Controlled Burns, Soils, and Topography: Controls on Biodiversity in Wet Pine Savannas with Discussions of Longleaf Pines and Venus Flytraps.

He conducted a field seminar for UNCW OLLI. The trip was to the Cape Fear River Lock and Dam to discuss the Rock Arch Rapid and Anadromous fish passage, water quality, and the bottomland hardwood ecosystem.

Dr. Larry Cahoon (BMB) was part of a panel discussion, "Resilient communities: Urban and rural perspectives", at the November 19 plenary session of the UNC Sea Grant Coastal Conference in Wilmington. His talk was titled, "Climate change is challenging our wastewater infrastructure." He also participated in UNCW College Day (November 16) by presenting, "GenX: How did this happen?"

Ahuja, S., and L.B. Cahoon. Role of analytical chemistry in GenX story: New revelations. ACS Eastern Analytical Symposium, Nov. 18, 2019. Ramus, A.P. and L.B. Cahoon, Ecological responses to Hurricane Florence in Masonboro Sound, North Carolina. CERF meeting, Nov. 14, 2019. (BMB)

Till Wagner (PPO) gave an invited talk at the Southeastern American Physical Society meeting entitled "The Relative Importance of Winds and Ocean Currents in Determining the Drift of Icebergs and Other Floating Objects" on November 7.

Oral presentation: Rother, M., T. Patterson, P. Knapp, and N. Allen. "A Tree-Ring Record of Historical Fire in a Longleaf Pine Community of the Piedmont, NC." Southeastern Division of the American Association of Geographers, Annual Meeting. Nov. 24-25, Wilmington, NC. (EVS)

Poster Presentation: Seagle, J. and M. Rother. "Using Dendroecology to Inform Forest Management at a Nature Preserve in Coastal North Carolina." Southeastern Division of the American Association of Geographers, Annual Meeting. Nov. 24-25, Wilmington, NC. (EVS)

Osku Backstrom presented a talk at the North Carolina Coastal Conference: 'Direct impacts of Hurricane Florence at landfall and subsequent post-storm recovery: Wrightsville Beach, NC.' (EVS, CMS).

Sara Rivero-Calle (PPO) gave a seminar at the University of Porto (Portugal) on December 18th: "Challenges and approaches to understanding the global ocean carbon cycle: in situ observations, satellites, and models."

Mike Mallin (CMS) gave the invited presentation: "Understanding relationships between agricultural and environmental systems" at the Sustainable Animal Agriculture Workshop at ECU in Greenville, January 8.


Bingham, F. M. (2019) Subfootprint variability of sea surface salinity observed during the SPURS-1 and SPURS-2 field campaigns. Remote Sensing, 11(22), 2689; DOI:10.3390/rs11222689. (PPO)

LaCroce ME, Long ZT, Freshwater DW (2020) Seasonality and distruvance recovery of the epibenthic community on a warm-temperate hard bottom. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology (online version: (CMS)

This is the second publication from Melissa LaCroce’s thesis work and would not have been possible without the assistance of CMS Marine Operations and CORMP program.

Nelson, AR, Hawkes, AD, Sawai, Y, Engelhart, SE, Witter, R, Grant-Walter, WC, Bradley, L-A, Dura, T, Cahill, N and Horton, B. 2020. Identifying the Greatest Earthquakes of the Past 2000 Years at the Nehalem River Estuary, Northern Oregon Coast, USA. Open Quaternary, 6: 2, pp. 1–30. DOI: (EOS)

Olinger, L.K., Scott, A.R., McMurray, S.E., Pawlik, J.R. 2019. Growth estimates of Caribbean reef sponges on a shipwreck using 3D photogrammetry. Scientific Reports, 9: 19398. (BMB)