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Christopher Finelli, “Building Departmental Capacity for Best Practices in Undergraduate Life Sciences Education in the Southeastern US” $99,552. National Science Foundation (MATH).

Narcisa Pricope, French Broad Thermal. $2798; MountainTrue (EOS).

Rachael Urbanek. $24,263 grant from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to study the movements and survivorship of rehabilitated black bears in North Carolina (EVS).

Monica Rother. “A fire history from longleaf pine at the Nichols Preserve”, NC Policy Collaboratory, $19,900 (EVS).

Heather Koopman, Alex Costidis, William McLellan, Ann Pabst, David Rotstein, and Andrew Westgate. “Lipid composition and nitrogen solubility of the spinal cord and brain: comparisons between diving animals and terrestrial animals to provide insight into Type II DCS”, DOD Office of Naval Research, $178,268 (BMB).

Ralph Mead, Gene Avery, Robert Kieber, and Stephen Skrabal. “Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance Testing”. NC Policy Collaboratory, $267,661 (CHM).

Jessie Jarvis, W Kenworthy. “RAPID: Mechanisms of seagrass community injury and resilience post Hurricane Florence: implications for increasingly stormy coasts” UNC Chapel Hill. $90,047 (BMB).

Troy Alphin, Martin Posey, andFrederick Scharf. “A partnership for sustained fisheries management: development of a research internship program between NCDMF and UNCW”. NCDENR Division of Marine Fisheries. $57,488 (BMB).

Henry Styron. “Bottom Survey of Potential Oyster Reefs”. Moffatt and Nichols. $3,981 (CMS).

Martin Posey. “North Carolina Sea Grant extension activities”. NCSU Sea Grant. $23,316 (CMS, BMB).

Frederick Bingham. “Subfootprint Variance and Surface Salinity Extreme Values as Indicators of Air-sea Interaction”. NASA. $63,609 (PHY).


Tricia Kelley (EOS) organized and chaired the session “Behavior of Animals, Dead or Alive: Neoichnology Informing Ichnology” at the Southeastern Section of the Geological Society of America meeting in Charleston, SC, on March 28, 2019, in which she also gave the following presentation: Spatial and temporal variation in drilling predation on the gastropod Crepidula from U.S. Atlantic coast beach assemblages, with implications for the fossil record.

Sara Rivero-Calle (PHY) presented two departmental seminars: “Mind the Gap: Using Patchy Data to Study Global Plankton Ecology” and a special bonus: “SeaHawk-1: North Carolina’s First Ocean Color CubeSat” at East Carolina University, Greenville NC on March 14th.

UNCW was well represented at SEAMAMMS meeting, which was held at Georgetown University. Eight students from both Dr. Alyson Fleming’s and the Pabst/McLellan lab (BMB) participated! Ms. Carrie Rowlands (MS) received the Best Graduate Student Poster Award. Other presenters included: Ms. Tiffany Keenan Bateman (PhD), Ms. Lacey Annas (BS), Mr. Sam Cromer (BS) and Mr. Trevor Roche (BS).

Mike Mallin (CMS) presented “Environmental impacts of Hurricane Florence in the Cape Fear basin” at the Water Resources Research Institute Annual Conference, Raleigh, NC.

Troy Alphin (BMB, CMS) presented on issues related to siting shellfish operations at the NC Aquaculture Development Conference on Saturday, March 30.

Ami Wilbur (BMB, SRH) was a Panel member/Presenter at the Consider the Environment: Advances in Research and Regulations 2019 North Carolina Oyster Summit: Next Steps to Making N.C. the Napa Valley of Oysters.

Ami Wilbur (BMB, SRH) presented “Research at the UNCW Shellfish Research Hatchery” at the 2019 North Carolina Aquaculture Development Conference.

R. Patrick Lyon, David B. Eggleston, Gabriel J. Hopkins, Charles R. Weirich, Ami E. Wilbur, and David Cerino presented “Mortality and migration of hatchery-reared bay scallops Argopecten irradians in North Carolina Seagrass Beds” at the 2019 World Aquaculture/National Shellfisheries meetings.

Charles R. Weirich, Ami E. Wilbur, and David S. Cerino presented “Evaluating the potential for sunray Venus clam Macrocallista nimbosa aquaculture in North Carolina: initial production trials” at the 2019 World Aquaculture/National Shellfisheries meetings.

Robin L. Varney and Ami E. Wilbur (both BMD, SRH) presented “Analysis of genetic variation and inbreeding among lines of hatchery-reared Crassostrea virginica broodstock” at the 2019 World Aquaculture/National Shellfisheries meetings.

B.M. Wolfe and A.E. Wilbur (both SRH and BMB) presented “Evaluation of Temporal Patterns of Chromosomal Loss in Families of Tetraploid Oysters Crassostrea virginica” at the 2019 World Aquaculture/National Shellfisheries meetings.

Roger Shew (EOS) presented the Keynote address (Climate Science and Impacts and Solutions) to the Junior Science and Humanities Symposia Program that is jointly sponsored by the US Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force in conjunction with research universities across the country. The NC JSHS competition was held at UNCW this year.

Roger Shew (EOS) made two presentations at the Southeastern Geological Society meeting in Charleston, SC:

"Water: Engaging students and the Community on Groundwater and Surface Water Sources and Issues using Current Events in Eastern North Carolina”

"Offshore Oil/Gas/Seismic and Wind Debates: Facts versus Opinions”; Abstract 32660

Monica Rother (EVS) presented “Fire history and post-burn landscapes in low-elevation pine forests of the US West and Southeast”; as part of the UNCW Department of Biology & Marine Biology Departmental Seminar series.

SEERS Conference Presentations

Devon Eulie (EVS), Mariko Polk, (BMB); Rachel Gittman, East Carolina University; and Carter Smith, (EVS) presented “Resilience of shoreline protection methods to Hurricane Florence.”

Avonelle Combs, Jessie Jarvis, (BMB) and Judson Kenworthy, presented “Ex-seeding expectations: Quantifying Z. marina seed quality over time.”

Jessica Carlton, Troy D. Alphin, and Martin H. Posey (BMB, CMS) presented: “Settlement response of Crassostrea virginica in proximity to shellfish mariculture.”

Aaron Ramus and Larry Cahoon (BMB) presented “Ecological consequences of Hurricane Florence in Masonboro Sound, North Carolina.” 

Amy Bartenfelder, Jessie Jarvis, (both BMB) Judson W.  Kenworthy, and Brandon Puckett, presented “Investigation of the structure and persistence of temperate and sub-tropical seagrasses located at the transition zone between their geographic distributions."

Michael A. Mallin, Amy E. Grogan, and Matthew R. McIver (CMS) presented: “Collective BMPs reduce pollutant loading in a coastal resort town.” 

Kelsey Beachman, Mollie Mason, Mariko Polk (BMB) presented the poster Comparison of shoreline stabilization approaches within North Carolina.”

Sarah Benson, Kayla McNeilly, Mariko Polk, Devon Eulie, (EVS, BMB) and Randy Boyd presented the posterApplication of novel wave attenuation devices to save riparian resources” (Best Graduate Student Poster).

Alina Herron and Marc Cruciani presented the posterTracking shoreline change at Fort Caswell."

Alexis Marti, Martin Posey, and Troy Alphin (BMB) presented the poster Long-term assessment of macrobenthic estuarine communities in the Cape Fear River, NC.”

Christina Salerno presented the poster “Distinct personality types in Littoraria irrorata and the implications for predator escape behavior.”

Hannah R Thurlow, Troy D Alphin, and Martin H Posey (BMB) presented the posterHow nekton utilization of aquaculture varies with presence to natural habitat.”


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Weinkle, Jessica. (in press) Experts, Regulatory Capture, and the "Governor's Dilemma": The politics of hurricane risk science and insurance. Regulation & Governance