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Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry Lab was awarded $300,000 from NC Collaboratory to characterize and quantify per-and polyfluorinated alkyl substances in wet/dry deposition collected in Wilmington and throughout the state of NC. (CHM)

Jarvis, J. (Co-PI), and W.J. Kenworthy (Co-PI). National Science Foundation Biological Oceanography Program. RAPID: COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Mechanisms of seagrass community injury and resilience post Hurricane Florence: implications for increasingly stormy coasts - $90,047 (2019). (BMB)


John Morrison and Sara Rivero-Calle (Physics & Physical Oceanography), gave the keynote speaker presentations for the 2019 Blue Heron Bowl: "Ocean Observations” and "Satellite Observations of the Ocean: SeaHawk CubeSat" at NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher on February 1st.

Sara Rivero-Calle (PHY) presented two departmental seminars “Challenges and approaches to understanding the global ocean carbon cycle: in situ observations, satellites, and models” and "SeaHawk CubeSat: the first mini ocean color satellite" at Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA on February 7th.

Roger Shew presented to the Cape Fear Sierra Club on the discussion of the IPCC and National Assessments on Climate Change along with Current and Possible Impacts. Included were mitigation strategies and what individuals can do to reduce emissions.

Tricia Kelley gave three presentations in February. At Murray State University they were "Women in Science: Look like a lady, act like a man, work like a dog?" and "Why we need Conservation Paleobiology: Just ask Johnny Depp." She also presented for UNCW's Darwin Day with "Galapagos: How Darwin Evolved." 

On February 21, Joseph Long gave a presentation entitled ‘Eyes on the Coast: Supporting Science with Beach Cams’ to the Wilmington and Beaches Convention & Visitors Bureau. This work is in collaboration with Dylan McNamara (PHY) and supports multiple projects related to coastal use and hazards (EOS).

Long, J.W. and Lauritsen, A (2019) “Quantifying historical and future available sea turtle habitat on the florida Atlantic coast to make scientifically defensible management decisions. “ International Sea Turtle Symposium, Charleston, SC (EOS)

Jacob Warner; How to build (and rebuild) a marine invertebrate: Embryogenesis and Regeneration in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis. Department of Biology and Marine Biology Seminar Series.

Sarah Fausett; Babies are expensive!: Nematodes reveal trade-offs between reproduction, aging, and stress. Department of Biology and Marine Biology Seminar Series.

Devon Eulie (EVS) and student, Mariko Polk (BMB), gave multiple presentations and were a part of the panel discussion at NC State's Global Change Seminar Series: Current State of Sea Level Rise in North Carolina on February 7.

Sea Level Rise in North Carolina: Research and Application - Devon Eulie

Experiences in North Carolina of Sea-level Rise - Mariko Polk


Catharina de Souza: A-, B- and C-type prymnesins are Glade specific compounds and chemotaxonomic markers in Prymnesium parvum, in Harmful Algae.

Catharina de Souza: The Genus Alexandrium (Dinophyceae, Dinophyta) in Brazilian coastal waters, in Frontiers in Marine Science.

Fredley, J., Durako, M. J, Hall, M. O. 2019. Multivariate analyses link macrophyte and water quality indicators to seagrass die-off in Florida Bay. Ecological Indicators 101: 692-701. (BMB, CMS, EVS)

Klompmaker, A., P.H. Kelley, D. Chattopadhyay, J. Clements, J. Huntley, and M. Kowalewski. 2019. Predation in the marine fossil record: studies, data, recognition, environmental factors, and behavior. Earth-Science Reviews, p. 1-48. (EOS)

Lenz, B., N.D. Fogarty, J. Figueiredo (2019). Effects of ocean warming and acidification on fertilization success and early larval development in the green sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 141:70-78. (BMB)

O’ Cain, E.D., M.E., Frischer, J.S. Harrison, N.D. Fogarty, R. Ruzicka, and D.F. Gleason. 2019. Development of a molecular assay for Caribbean coral identification. Coral Reefs, 38(1):79-92. (BMB)

Narcisa G. Pricope, Joanne N. Halls, Lauren M. Rosul, Modeling residential coastal flood vulnerability using finished-floor elevations and socio-economic characteristics, Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 237, 2019, Pages 387-398. (EOS)

Shah Alam, Wade Watanabe, Patrick Carroll, Pam Seaton, Andrea Bourdelais (Finfish Aquaculture Facility, CHM, MARBIONC). Replacement of Menhaden fish meal by poultry by-product meal in the diet of juvenile Red Porgy, in North American Journal of Aquaculture.

Ware, M., Long, J. W., & Fuentes, M. M. (2019). Using wave runup modeling to inform coastal species management: An example application for sea turtle nest relocation. Ocean & Coastal Management173, 17-25. (EOS)

Wooster, M. K., McMurray, S. E., Pawlik, J. R., Morán, X. A. and Berumen, M. L. (2019), Feeding and respiration by giant barrel sponges across a gradient of food abundance in the Red Sea. Limnol Oceanogr. doi:10.1002/lno.11151 (BMB)