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RV Song of the Whale

On January 17, the RV Song of the Whale, a purpose-built sailing vessel designed for cetacean visual and acoustic surveys, embarked on the first leg of a research cruise aimed at understanding the distribution and behavior of deep-diving cetaceans (especially beaked and sperm whales) on the outer continental shelf of North and South Carolina. Aboard this first leg is Master’s student Laura Murley and Research Associate, William McLellan, of the Department of Biology and Marine Biology. This research project, called Marine Mammal Passive Acoustics and Spatial Ecology (MAPS), is funded by a Cooperative Agreement with UNCW and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). Duke University is our primary partner in this research endeavor, with Dr. Doug Nowacek as the lead investigator there. The RV Song of the Whale is run by our other research partner, Marine Conservation Research International. We look forward to sharing news of this cruise in the upcoming months!