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CMS Spotlight on Student Research

CMS is proud to engage our students in the research process in meaningful ways. Many coastal and marine science students have unique research opportunities, and we love highlighting their hard work. The CMS Spotlight on Student Research is a way to share student research posters and recognize student contributions to our scientific mission.

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May 2022 Spotlight:
CMS Grad Poster Session Presenters 


Each year, coastal and marine science students are invited to participate in a poster session hosted by CMS. During this event students gain experience presenting their research and faculty interact with students in different disciplines from all departments. It is always a great end to the semester and this year was no exception. Students presented research ranging from aquaculture to marine natural products to coastal policymaking and everything in between. Our students work hard, and we take great pride in their efforts and research endeavors! 

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arrington poster thumbnail Hunter Brooke Arrington
with Dr. Joseph Covi
Assessment of Microbiota Colonizing Embryos of the Antarctic Calanoid Copepod,  Boeckella poppei, Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
bansidhar poster thumbnail Aiswarya C. Bansidhar
with Dr. C. Benjamin Naman
Biological and Chemical Interrogation of an Indian Ocean filamentous Cyanobacterium
barefoot poster thumbnail Celeste Barefoot
with Dr. Wendy Strangman
Natural Product Discovery from Marine Parasite Microbiomes
barr poster thumbnail Sarah Barr
with Dr. Wendy Strangman
Evaluation of Digestive Transformation and Passive Permeability of Plant and Marine Natural Products
bennett poster thumbnail Sandra Bennett
with Dr. Wendy Strangman
Assessing the Genetic Diversity and Bioactivity of Gar Ectoparasite Isopod-Associated Bacteria
bivens poster thumbnail Michelle Bivins
with Dr. Jennifer Biddle
Reconsidering the Use of Maximum Sustainable Yield in Fisheries Management
boot poster thumbnail Katherine Boot
with Dr. Qianqian Liu
Development of HAB Forecast System for Albemarle-Pamlico Sound
braun poster thumbnail Jeremy E. Braun
with Dr. Joseph Long
Quantifying Post-Nourishment Shoreline Evolution with Close-Range Photogrammetry at Oak Island, North Carolina
caldwell poster thumbnail Joe Caldwell
with Dr. Jennifer Biddle
How to "Catch" a Dying Stock
corbitt.cmspostersession_MDS.jpg Emily Corbitt
with Dr. Lynn Leonard
Distribution and Occurrence of Legacy and Replacement Per- and Poly- Fluoroalkyl Substances in North Carolina Tidal Marshes
crull poster thumbnail Emily B. Crull
with Dr. R. Thomas Williamson
Probing Rapamycin's Secrets: Using NMR and Computational Chemistry to Explore the 3D Structure
dadson poster thumbnail Bryan Dadson
with Dr. Jennifer Biddle
Red Tide in Paradise: The Sunshine State and a Common Harmful Algal Bloom
dibner poster thumbnail Skye Dibner
with Dr. D. Wilson Freshwater
Diversity Among  Ulva  spp. in North Carolina, USA, Based Upon Morphological Characters and DNA Sequence Data
donnelly poster thumbnail Kyle Donnelly
with Dr. Ken Halanych
Western Antarctic Peninsula Meiofaunal Metabarcoding
fairbert.cmspostersession_MDS.jpg Leah Fairbert
with Dr. Ralph Mead
Detection of Red-Tide Brevetoxins in Coastal Sediments of Southwest Florida: Implications for Long-Term Storage
farquhar poster thumbnail Elizabeth Farquhar
with Dr. Phil Bresnahan
Examining Carbon Sequestration in Seagrass Meadows Using an Array of Low-Cost CO2 flux sensors
finn poster thumbnail Robert Finn
with Dr. Julia Buck
Rumble in the Prawns: A Conflict of Interest Between Behavior Modifying Parasites
gordon.poster thumbnail William Gordon
with Dr. R. Thomas Williamson
Determining the Absolute Configuration of Marine Natural Products
graves poster thumbnail Kelly Graves
with Dr. Jennifer Biddle
North Carolina Swine Animal Feeding Operations Permitting Analysis
hesford poster thumbnail Tim Hesford
with Dr. Sutara Suanda
Wind and Wave Driven Cross-Shelf Flow in the South Atlantic Bight
hlebak poster thumbnail Bradley Hlebak
with Dr. Wendy Strangman
Identification of Bioactive Natural Products from the Microbiome of a Marine Parasitic Isopod
hudson poster thumbnail Kaitlyn Hudson
with Dr. Wade Watanabe
Production Economics of Black Sea Bass in a Recirculating Aquaculture System: Sensitivity to Genetically Induced Growth and to Alternative Protein Sources in Aquafeed
jeanes poster thumbnail Reanna Jeanes
with Dr. Nicole Fogarty
Investigating the Combined Effects of High Temperatures and Hypoxia on the Threatened Staghorn coral, Acropora cervicornis
jenkins poster thumbnail Danielle Jenkins
with Dr. Joni Backstrom
Evaluating the Impacts of Maintenance Dredging on Species of Concern in the Lower Cape Fear River
johnson poster thumbnail Sierra Johnson
with Dr. R. Thomas Williamson
Natural Product Discovery from Marine Parasite Microbiomes
kapczynski poster thumbnail Courtney Kapczynski
with Dr. Wendy Strangman
Investigation of Algal Toxins in Northwest Florida Using LC-MS/MS
a. lapinsky poster thumbnail Allison Lapinsky
with Dr. Devon Eulie
Investigating Marsh Grass Productivity and Carbon Storage through UAS and Remote Sensing Technologies
m. lapinsky poster thumbnail Megan Lapinsky
with Dr. Joanne Halls
Modeling Potential Relocation Sites for Threatened Sea Turtle Nests on Bald Head Island, North Carolina using LiDAR Data
morrison poster thumbnail Samantha Morrison
with Dr. Susanna Lopez-Legentil
Genetic and Microbial Community Analyses in Two Physiological States and Color Morphs of the Colonial Ascidian  Polyclinum   constellatum
olinger poster thumbnail Lauren Olinger
with Dr. Joseph Pawlik
A New Method to Analyze 3D Model Time Series Reveals Differences in Growth Between Healthy and Recovering Sponges
picha poster thumbnail Nicholas Picha
with Dr. Michael Mallin
Factors Influencing Denitrification in Wilmington Stormwater Control Systems
polder poster thumbnail Caroline Polder
with Dr. Ami Wilbur
The Effects of  Haslea  sp. Pigment on the Growth and Survival of Juvenile Bivalves
raab poster thumbnail Jeffrey Raab
with Dr. R. Thomas Williamson
Relevant NMR Constrains for Use Predicting 3-D Geometry of Antibiotics
reaves poster thumbnail Megan Reaves
with Dr. Steven Emslie
Stable Isotope Analysis of Adélie Penguin Bone Collagen: Assessing Ancient and Modern Foraging Grounds in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
schmidt poster thumbnail Austin Schmidt
with Dr. Wade Watanabe
Recent Progress on the Effects of Ingested Cotton and Synthetic Microfibers on Growth Performance and Intestinal Tissue Morphology in the Black Sea Bass, a Commercially Important Marine Finfish from Coastal Waters of the Eastern US
smith poster thumbnail Emma Smith
with Dr. Wendy Strangman
Discovery of Cytotoxic Natural Products from Marine Parasite Microbiomes
snyder poster thumbnail Natalie Snyder
with Dr. Nicole Fogarty
Assessing the Effects of Bacterial Inoculation on the Survivorship of  Pseudodiploria clivosa larvae (knobby brain coral)
surprenant poster thumbnail Mina Surprenant
with Dr. Susanna Lopez-Legentil
Ascidian Abundance and Diversity in North Carolina Seagrass Meadows
swystun poster thumbnail Alex Swystun
with Dr. Wendy Strangman
Metallophore Production from Deep Arctic Marine Sediment Derived Bacteria Using Single Cell Culturing and High-Throughput Bioassay Methods
vincent poster thumbnail Matthew Vincent
with Dr. Joseph Long
Decadal Scale Modeling of Berm and Dune Evolution Using a Coupled Nearshore and Aeolian Process Model
walsh poster thumbnail Ryan Walsh
with Dr. Nicole Fogarty
Identifying Potential Probiotics to Enhance  Pseudodiploria clivosa  (Knobby Brain Coral) Recruit Growth and Survivorship  
warden poster thumbnail Nick Warden
with Dr. Joni Backstrom
Considerations for a Proposed Windfarm Offshore North Carolina: Environmental Constraints and Optimal Cable Routes
wood poster thumbnail Jared Wood
with Dr. R. Thomas Williamson
Structure Elucidation of Natural Products Through Anisotropic NMR and Computational Methods