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Students monitor water quality, promote oyster life
Wilmington Star-News (12/04/08)
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UNCW scientists may have discovered a potential medicine from toxins
WECT News 6 (10/20/08)

Fewer buoys means less storm-tracking data
Wilmington Star-News (09/04/08)
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Is Our Seafood Sustainable?
As the ocean are increasinly overharvested, conservation is now moving to the dinner table

Wilmington Magazine (08/28/08)
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Coastal Protectors
Meet the people who are fighting to keep it strong for generations to come
Wilmington Star-News (08/27/08)
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UNCW Marine Science Center gets a facelift
Greater Wilmington Business Journal (08/22-09/05/08)
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Wrightsville Beach wants to ban toilet discharges from boats
Wilmington Star-News (08/14/08)
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Redwoods of the Reef
Science (07/04/08)
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Deep reefs off N.C. captivate scientists
Raleigh News-Observer (06/29/08)
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National monument designation could save ecosystem
Treasure under the sea

Charlotte Observer (06/29/08)
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Scientists campaign to save reefs off of Cape Fear Coast
Wilmington Star-News (06/02/08)
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From fish farm to plate
Aquaculture Center on the brink of commercialization
Lumina News (01/24/08)
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Ocean fish, fresh from the farm
Aquaculture of sea creatures has commercial promise in North Carolina
News & Observer (01/18/08)
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