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Coastal and Marine Council (20-21)

Five (5) Departmental Reps

  • Robert Keiber (CAB)
  • Qianqian Liu (PHY)
  • Joe Long (EOS)
  • Monica Rother (EVS)
  • Fred Scharf (BMB)

Five (5) At-Large Reps

  • Nicole Fogarty
  • Andrea Hawkes
  • Jessie Jarvis
  • Soon Goo Lee
  • Wendy Strangman

One (1) Affiliated Department Rep

  • Jennifer McCall (Nursing)

Two (2) Non-Tenure Reps

  • Troy Alphin
  • Roger Shew

Two (2) Staff Reps

  • David Wells
  • Rob Whitehead

Two (2) Chair Reps

  • Heather Koopman
  • Dylan McNamara

Two (2) Student Reps

  •  TBD
  •  TBD


  • Anne Beach (Business Officer, CREST)
  • Chris Finelli (Interim Executive Director, CMS/Dean, CAS)
  • Lynn Leonard (Interim Director, CMS) 
  • Steve Skrabal (Associate Director for Education, CMS)
  • Jay Styron (Assistant Director for Marine Operations, CMS)
  • Wade Watanabe (Director, Finfish Aquaculture)
  • Ami Wilbur (Director, Shellfish Research Hatchery)
  • Thomas Williamson (Yousry Sayed Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MARBIONC)


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CMS Governance Committees January 2020 - July 2021

Common Use Space Committee

  • Devon Eulie (EVS)
  • Steve Kinsey (BIO)
  • Chad Lane (EOS)
  • Ralph Mead (CHM)
  • Martin Posey (BIO)
  • Rob Whitehead (CMS)

Marine Science Graduate Advisory Committee 

  • Eman Ghoneim (EOS)
  • Jessie Jarvis (BIO)
  • Steve Skrabal (CHM)
  • Alison Taylor (BIO)
  • Till Wagner (PPO)

Outdoor Areas Committee 

  • Troy Alphin (Field Research Areas Coordinator)
  • Ray Danner (BIO)
  • Andrea Hawkes (EOS)
  • Tom Lankford (BIO)
  • Monica Rother (EVS)
  • Jay Styron (CMS ex officio)
  • Byron Toothman (NERRS)

    CMS Outdoor Areas Use Request Form

Seawater Committee 

  • Mike Durako (BIO)
  • Rob Deanes (CMS ex officio)
  • Nikki Fogarty (BIO)
  • Stephanie Kamel (BIO)
  • Ai Ning Loh (EOS)
  • Ron Moore (CMS ex officio)
  • Joe Pawlik (BIO)
  • Ami Wilbur (BIO/SRH)
  • Wade Watanabe (CMS)
  • Kara Yopak (BIO)

Small Boat Committee 

  • Brooks Avery (CHM)
  • Joni Backstrom (EVS)
  • Joe Covi (BIO)
  • Wilson Freshwater (CMS)
  • Steve Hall (CMS ex officio)
  • Jeff Hill (Chair-Rep)
  • Ken Johns (CMS ex officio)
  • Fred Scharf (BIO)
  • Jay Styron (CMS ex officio)
  • Hope Sutton (NERRS)
  • Peter Zamora (EOS)

CMS representative to the Radiation Safety Committee: Sharon Hoffman 

CMS representative to the Laboratory Safety Committee: Stephanie Kamel