Center for Marine Science

2021 Graduate Poster Session

Friday, April 16, 2021 · Live Q&A with presenters: 4-6 p.m.

cms graduate poster session

This year's graduate poster session will be held virtually!
Poster presentations will consist of two parts:

  • Visit the poster session here 

  • Poster Q&As: live poster Q&A sessions on April 16th for attendees to meet virtually with student presenters, ask questions and give feedback
All marine science grad students are welcome to participate as poster presenters.
All are welcome to view posters and ask questions during the live Q&A with student presenters.


  1. Send your completed poster (ppt) file to: Melissa Smith at by NOON on Tuesday, April 6th. (MCOP and MSC 595 classes have separate deadlines, refer to the slides presented to you in class.)

  2. Melissa will go over your poster, make aesthetic adjustments as needed, and send your poster file (ppt and pdf) back to you, along with an invitation email to upload your presenter info to

  3. Upload your poster pdf, your presenter info (abstract, keywords, contact info) and Zoom meeting ID info to the presenter invitation page. This Zoom meeting link will take attendees to your live Q&A on April 16th. [There is a place to link to a pre-recorded video "walkthrough" of your poster; this is completely optional. **IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THE Q&A, you are strongly encouraged to link a video walkthrough of your poster. If you have questions about this, contact Melissa Smith (smithmd).]

    **Please have your poster uploaded and all info submitted by: 8 a.m. on Tuesday, April 13th.**


  • What dimensions should my poster be? 36" x 48" horizontally formatted
  • Will I be giving a complete walkthrough of my poster during the Q&A session? No. Attendees are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with your poster ahead of time and come to your Q&A session with questions/feedback already prepared.
  • May I/do I have to upload a link to a video walkthrough of my poster as part of my presentation? You are absolutely invited to record a short walkthrough of your poster if you are so inclined, however this is completely optional. (Most people would record this in Zoom, then upload to youtube/vimeo or Echo360.)
  • **IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND THE Q&A, you are strongly encouraged to record a short (under 10 minute) video walkthrough of your poster. If you have questions about this, or need somewhere to publish your video, contact Melissa Smith (smithmd).


  • If you have sensitive/preliminary research you are not comfortable sharing online (yet!) please still participate. You can upload a version of your poster you are comfortable sharing, and still gain valuable feedback.
  • Invite people to attend the poster session! Faculty, staff, students, your parents - it is open to all. 
  • Practice with your Zoom set up before the live Q&A session.
  • Have a friend (not involved in the poster session) sign onto your Zoom meeting as a co-host. It may be helpful to have another set of eyes watching for questions submitted via Zoom chat. 
  • 2020 was weird. Even if you feel like you don't have adequate research completed to present a poster, we encourage you do so. Present as much as you can. Discussing your work (or future work!) with others in your field will certainly be of value.



  1. The poster session preview link will be sent out via social media and email on Tuesday, April 13th. Once they are online, feel free to peruse posters at your leisure until Friday's live Q&A session. Posters will be sorted by department, but there will also be a search function as well as keywords to help you find posters of interest.

  2. Click on the "Chat with Presenter" button during the poster live Q&A session (4-6 p.m., Friday, April 16th). This button will take you directly to each student's Zoom meeting. Or click on the video button for the few posters featuring a pre-recorded video presentation.

  3. Attendees are strongly encouraged to view poster materials ahead of time and to come to the sessions with questions/feedback already prepared. Students will not be expected to walk through their entire poster with each attendee.


Please contact Melissa Smith (smithmd) with questions.