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The nutrient analysis core facility at the UNCW Center for Marine Science is well equipped to support the center’s mission of basic and applied research. In particular, the nutrient core facility is heavily utilized (more than 10,000 samples analyzed annually) for studies on biogeochemical nutrient and carbon cycling and water quality monitoring in a variety of aquatic environments. The lab houses seven research grade instruments for nutrient and organic analyses of both aqueous and solid samples. The lab operates as a valuable training facility where users are trained to operate the instruments and are then able to schedule to run their analysis according to their timeframes. Expert training, supervision and troubleshooting is available with prior arrangement. Other than replacement of low cost consumables, there are no fees for UNCW users. Samples from outside UNCW are run at nominal costs.

Contact: Dr. Rob Whitehead at 910-962-2356 or

An introduction to the Nutrient Lab