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UNC-WIRMS houses two stable isotope mass spectrometers interfaced with a variety of peripheral devices that allow for stable isotopic analyses of light elements (C, H, O, N, S) in a wide variety of sample types including organic tissues, sediments, carbonates, gasses, liquids, and individual organic compounds. The facility also includes a gas chromatograph equipped with a quadrupole mass spectrometer and flame ionization detector for organic compound identification and quantification, two ultra-high precision microbalances, a micromill, and wet lab space for sample preparation. The UNC-WIRMS operates as a training facility whereby users (students and faculty) are taught proper use of instrumentation by facility personnel and are then responsible for conducting their own analyses. Facility personnel will assist with data processing and QA/QC. Sample preparation is the responsibility of the researcher. Facility personnel will do their best to provide advice for sample preparation, but please keep in mind that methods vary widely among sample types and some types of analyses may be new to facility personnel.

Contacts: Dr. Chad Lane, Director, at 910.962.3466 or
and Kim Rosov, Research Specialist, at 910.962.2336 or

An introduction to the WIRMS lab