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R/V Seahawk Charter Rates

Rates effective 01/01/2004
*Rates are subject to change without notice.

$ 650
Standard daily charter rate for a full day charter. (8 hrs)
$ 350
Half-day charter rate for up to 4 hours.
$ 200
Lay day rate (includes weather and other non-operational days when away from home port & any non-operational day caused by scientific party.
$ 100
Extra hours (over 8 hrs)
$ 125
Fuel-pump price, Extra crew (per day)
$ 100
Service fee for a crewmember working on a holiday or weekend day (as requested by the PI) for which one of the day rates listed above is not being charged.

The Total Charter Cost will include the above rates and the cost of fuel used.

For further information about the R/V Seahawk, contact:
Jay Styron
Assistant Director for Marine Operations
phone (910) 962-2404
Fax (910) 962-2410
styronj AT uncw DOT edu

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