Center for Marine Science

2012-2013 Planet Ocean Seminar Series

dr. marcia mcnuttFebruary 12, 2013
Flood, Fortify or Flee: Linking Economics and Natural Coastline Dynamics
Dr. Dylan McNamara
UNCW Department of Physics & Physical Oceanography

dr. peter f. saleCo-Sponsored with the UNCW College of Arts & Sciences and Departments of Biology & Marine Biology and Environmental Studies:
March 13, 2013
Global Change, Tipping Points, and the Urgent Need to Act
Solving Our Global Environmental Crisis

Dr. Peter F. Sale, Assistant Director, Institute for Water, Environment and Health, United Nations University

dr ami wilburApril 23, 2013:
The New MARBIONC Building
Dr. Daniel G. Baden
William R. Kenan Distinguished Professor of Marine Science and
Director, UNCW Center for Marine Science