Center for Marine Science

2011-2012 Planet Ocean Seminar Series

dr. marcia mcnuttSeptember 13, 2011
USGS Science: Making a Difference During the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Dr. Marcia McNutt
U.S. Geological Survey

dr. terry hazenNovember 15, 2011:
Microbial Ecogenomic Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill -
New Insights to Old Problems

Dr. Terry C. Hazen
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Hazen's presentation [pdf]

dr ami wilburFebruary 7, 2012:
Bigger, Better, Faster: Oyster Breeding and the Shellfish Research Hatchery
Dr. Ami E. Wilbur
UNC Wilmington Department of Biology and Marine Biology

dr. steve rossApril 17, 2012:
The World of Deep-Sea Corals:The Hidden Reefs
Dr. Steve W. Ross
UNCW Center for Marine Science
[pdf] [Link to video shown at Dr. Ross' presentation]