Center for Marine Science

2007-2008 Planet Ocean Seminar Series

nancy grindlayMay 13, 2008
The Risk of Tsunamis: Where, How, When?
Dr. Nancy Grindlay
Professor of Geography and Geology, UNCW
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d. wilson freshwaterMarch 11, 2008
Lionfish: King of the Offshore Jungle?
A Comprehensive Look at the Western Atlantic Lionfish Invasion

Dr. D. Wilson Freshwater
Research Specialist and Core Leader, UNCW Center for Marine Science
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george keifferNovember 13, 2007
The Dolphin Cooperative:Discovering the Mammal Behind the Myth, the Science Behind the Smile
Mr. George Kieffer
Director of Dolphins, CuraƧao Sea Aquarium Dolphin Academy
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 lorraine backerSeptember 11, 2007
Epidemiology at the Limits of Detection:Harmful Algal Blooms and Public Health
Dr. Lorraine C. Backer
National Center for Environmental Health at the CDC
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