Center for Marine Science

2005-2006 Planet Ocean Seminar Series

darwin's arch, galapagosMay 9, 2006
The Galapagos Marine Reserve: Islands of Change
Dr. John M. Morrison
Professor of Physics and Physical Oceanography, UNCW
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william toddMarch 21, 2006
The NEEMO Project: How NASA Uses the Habitat Aquarius as an Analog for Space Exploration William Todd
NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations Team Lead
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jeffrey wrightNovember 15, 2005
Undersea Treasure: The Promise of Marine Biotechnology
Dr. Jefferey L.C. Wright
Carl B. Brown Distinguished Professor of Marine Science, UNCW
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samuel wilsonOctober 4, 2005
Oceans in Human Health
Samuel H. Wilson, M.D.
Deputy Director, National Institute of Environmental Sciences
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