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Due to concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we will not be holding an open house this fall.

The Planet Ocean Seminar Series [next seminar: Tuesday, November 10]

The Planet Ocean Seminar Series offers four lectures each academic year, featuring prominent speakers from our own faculty and other leading research institutions, from well-known environmental organizations, and from government agencies. The Planet Ocean Seminar Series is free and open to the public. Even though this is currently a virtual event, registration is required. Once you are registered, you will receive the link to join the webinar. For further information, please call the UNCW Center for Marine Science at 910-962-2301.

Please click on the series heading to see seminar topic and speaker information:

2020-21 Series

Diane Durance
Dr. Kara Yopak

2019-20 Series

Dr. Ralph Mead
Dr. Paul Hosier
Dr. Till Wagner 

2018-19 Series

CANCELED - Mr. Steve Murphey
Dr. Wendy Strangman
RESCHEDULED - Mr. Steve Murphey
Dr. Paul Jensen

2017-18 Series

Dr. Greg Rouse
Roger Shew
Dr. John M. Morrison
Dr. Martin Posey & Mr. Troy Alphin

2016-17 Series

Drs. Andrea Hawkes and Chad Lane
Drs. Martin Posey & Ami Wilbur & Mr. Troy Alphin
Dr. Mark Luckenbach
Dr. Darren Rumbold

2015-16 Series

Dr. John M. Morrison
Dr. Stephen A. Skrabal
Tracy Skrabal
Dr. Kara Lavender Law

2014-15 Series

Rebecca Ellin
Lance Horn, Jason White & Glenn Taylor
Dr. Curt Stager
Dr. Aswani Volety

2013-14 Series

Dr. Deborah A. Mosca
Dr. Frederick Chester
Dr. Carmelo R. Tomas
Dr. Robert B. Gagosian
Dr. Robert H. Condon

2012-13 Series

Dr. Dylan McNamara
Dr. Peter F. Sale
Dr. Daniel G. Baden

2011-12 Series

Dr. Marcia McNutt
Dr. Terry C. Hazen
Dr. Ami E. Wilbur
Dr. Steve W. Ross

2010-11 Series

Dr. Otis Brown
Dr. John Rummel
Dr. Douglas Gamble
Dr. Larry Cahoon

2009-10 Series

Dr. G. Brooks Avery
Dr. Jonathan Copley
J. Glenn Morris, Jr., M.D., M.P.H. & T.M.
Dr. Amanda Southwood

2008-09 Series

Dr. Donald Boesch
Dr. Thomas Lankford
Dr. Stanley Riggs
Mr. Spencer Rogers

2007-08 Series

Dr. Lorraine Backer
Dr. D. Wilson Freshwater
Dr. Nancy Grindlay
Mr. George Keiffer

2006-07 Series

Dr. Lynn Leonard
Drs. Michael Mallin and James Merritt
Dr. Cindy Lee Van Dover
Dr. Nancy White

2005-06 Series

Dr. John M. Morrison
William Todd
Samuel H. Wilson, M.D.
Dr. Jeffrey L.C. Wright

2004-05 Series

Dr. Richard Lutz
Dr. Martin Posey
Dr. Richard Satterlie
Dr. Bess Ward

2003-04 Series

Dr. Daniel G. Baden
Dr. John Broadwater
Lora Fleming, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Admiral Conrad Lautenbacher

2002-03 Series

Dr. William Cleary
Dr. Rita Colwell
Dr. Roger Hanlon
Dr. Joseph Pawlik

2001-02 Series

Dr. Steven Miller
Dr. Scott Nixon
Dr. D. Ann Pabst
Dr. Alina Szmant