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Bermuda Field Course 2011 :: Daily Report

Day 09 | Friday, March 18, 2011

The morning after an eventful St. Patties' Day, the BIOS campus quietly stirred from its slumber. By early afternoon UNCW and Southampton students were in a furious scramble working on their statistical analyses and PowerPoint presentations for the final course reports. At this point inter-university collaboration was at an all-time high, and reports were steadily being compiled throughout the day. After an absolutely gorgeous day in Bermuda, the 9PM deadline drew swiftly to a close. Upon turning in their presentations, and still brimming with thoughts of corals and reef fish, UNCW students convened for a relaxing night of planning their free day off tomorrow. The conclusion: a mix of cave exploring, whale watching, and sightseeing. Indeed, the last full day in Bermuda should be a great one! Most importantly, however, the Bermuda field course has turned out to be an experience both challenging and collaborative. Without our British counterparts, some intellectual creativity would be lost. And without UNCW students, a bit of realistic grounding would be forgotten. Together, the experiments that we planned and conducted have been both inclusive internationally, and relevant ecologically. Until another day passes…cheers.

- Robbie and Zach

Working on oral presentations…all day long!
Working on oral presentations…all day long!

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