Center for Marine Science

Mallin Tara McIver Dr. Mike Mallin and Dr. Dave Tomasko CERF 2011
RV Sturgeon RV Sturgeon
Lab Folks at SEERS in Charleston, SC

Former SEERS Presidents Mike Mallin, Evan Chipouras, Alan Lewitus,

Marie DeLorenzo, Dennis Alan and Clay Montague

Doug Parsons, Amanda Kahn, Dr. Larry Cahoon, Matthew McIver,

Kim Duernberger and Crystal Shaw

Doug Parsons, Beat Poet, Charleston, SC
Lunch in the Lab
Asher Williams
Jesse Cook and Matthew McIver
Brad Rosov
Byron Toothman
Rena Spivey
Lab Ladies Heather Wells, Tara McPherson and Jenny Johnson
Cinn and Heather Cinammon and Heather Bridge Sampling
Ned Durant Ned DuRant
Jonathan Hartsell Jonathan Hartsell
Jenny Johnson Jenny Johnson
Kim Duernberger

Heather Wells, Jenny Johnson, Scott Ensign, Jesse Cook, Matthew McIver

Doug Parsons and Dr. Mike Mallin

Dr. Mike Mallin with Biological Oceanography students, 2006
Dr. Mike Mallin
Dr. Mike Mallin and Robert Kennedy Jr. on Bradley Creek
Lab crew SEERS President Mike Mallin, Spring 2004
Matthew McIver on Shackleford Banks
your mama Dr. Mark Luckenbach and Dr. Mike Mallin, VA Eastern Shore
Sarah Williams in Howe Creek
Lab crew

Scott Ensign, Tracy Mense, Dr. Mike Mallin, Ashley Skeen,

Chris Freeman and Matthew McIver