Center for Marine Science

Coastal and Marine Sciences Faculty Listing (alphabetical)

Department Codes:
ABL = Accountancy & Business Law
 = Biology & Marine Biology
= Chemistry and Biochemistry
= Center for Marine Science
= Economics and Finance
EOS = Earth & Ocean Sciences
EVS = Environmental Sciences
HAH = Health & Applied Human Sciences
MAT = Mathematics & Statistics
PHY = Physics & Physical Oceanography
PIA = Public & International Affairs

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Md. Shah Alam, CMS, Research Assistant Professor

Troy Alphin, BMB, Research Associate

Dr. Brian Arbogast, BMB, Associate Professor

Dr. G. Brooks Avery, CAB, Professor 


Dr. Daniel Baden, CMS, William R. Kenan Distinguished Professor of Marine Science

Dr. Joni "Osku" Backstrom, EVS, Assistant Professor

Dr. J. Craig Bailey, BMB, Associate Professor

Dr. Michael Benedetti, EOS, Professor

Dr. Frederick Bingham, PHY, Professor

Dr. Jennifer Biddle, PIA, Assistant Professor

Dr. James Blum, MAT, Associate Professor

Dr. Stuart Borrett, BMB, Associate Professor and Associate Provost for Research

Dr. Andrea Bourdelais, CMS, Research Associate Professor

Dr. Julia Buck, BMB, Assistant Professor


Dr. Larry Cahoon, BMB, Professor

Dr. Thomas Coombs, CAB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Joseph Covi, BMB, Professor


Dr. Ray Danner, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Christopher Dumas, EVS, Professor

Dr. Michael Durako, BMB, Professor


Dr. Steven Emslie, BMB, Professor

Dr. Patrick Erwin, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Devon Eulie, EVS, Assistant Professor

Dr. Pamela Evers, ABL, Associate Professor


Dr. Sarah Fausett, BMB, Adjunct Research Faculty

Dr. Christopher Finelli, BMB, Professor and Dean, Graduate School 

Dr. Alyson Fleming, BMB, Adjunct Research Faculty

Dr. Arthur Frampton, BMB, Associate Professor

Dr. Nicole Fogarty, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Troy Frensley, EVS, Assistant Professor

Dr. D. Wilson Freshwater, CMS, Research Analyst


Dr. Douglas Gamble, EOS, Professor

Dr. Eman Ghoneim, EOS, Associate Professor


Dr. Jack Hall, EVS, Professor

Dr. Joanne Halls, EOS, Associate Professor

Dr. Huili Hao, EVS, Assistant Professor

Dr. Andrea Hawkes, EOS, Associate Professor

Dr. James H. Herstine, HAH, Professor

Dr. Jeff Hill, EVS, Chair/Professor

Dr. Sharon Hoffmann, EOS, Assistant Professor

Dr. Vince Howe, MKT, Associate Professor


Dr. Mark Imperial, PIA, Associate Professor


Dr. Jessie Jarvis, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. S. Bart Jones, CAB, Professor


Dr. Stephanie Kamel, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Patricia Kelley, EOS, Professor Emerita

Dr. Robert Keiber, CAB, Professor

Dr. Stephen Kinsey, BMB, Professor

Dr. Kevin B. Kiser, BMB, Lecturer

Dr. Julie Koester, BMB, Lecturer

Dr. Heather Koopman, BMB, Chair/Professor


Dr. Todd LaMaskin, EOS, Associate Professor

Dr. Mark Lammers, MAT, Associate Professor

Dr. Chad Lane, EOS, Associate Professor

Dr. Thomas Lankford, BMB, Associate Professor

Dr. Richard Laws, EOS, Professor

Dr. Hee-Seung Lee, CAB, Associate Professor

Dr. Soon Goo Lee, CAB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Lynn Leonard, EOS, Professor and Director, CMS

Dr. Ai Ning Loh, EOS, Associate Professor

Dr. Joe Long, EOS, Assistant Professor

Dr. Zachary Long, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Susanna Lopez-Legentil, BMB, Professor


Dr. Michael A. Mallin, CMS, Research Professor

William McLellan, BMB, Research Associate

Dr. Dylan McNamara, PHY, Chair/Associate Professor

Dr. Ralph Mead, CAB, Professor

Dr. Jeremy Morgan, CAB, Associate Professor

Dr. John Morrison, PHY, Professor


Dr. Scott Nooner, EOS, Associate Professor


Dr. D. Ann Pabst, BMB, Professor

Dr. Joseph Pawlik, BMB, Professor

Dr. Darin Penneys, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Martin Posey, BMB, Professor and Director of CMS

Dr. Narcisa Pricope, EOS, Associate Professor

Dr. Carolina Priester, BMB, Lecturer


Dr. Ryan Rhodes, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. James Rotenberg, EVS, Associate Professor

Dr. Monica Rother, EVS, Assistant Professor


Dr. Richard Satterlie, BMB, Professor

Dr. Frederick Scharf, BMB, Professor

Dr. Peter Schuhmann, EAF, Professor

Dr. Pamela Seaton, CAB, Professor

Roger Shew, EOS, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Sheri Shiflett, EVS, Assistant Professor

Dr. Stephen Skrabal, CAB, Professor and Associate Director of Education, CMS

Dr. Anthony Snider, EVS, Associate Professor

Dr. Ann E. Stapleton, BMB, Associate Professor

Dr. Wendy Strangman, CMS, Research Associate Professor


Dr. Alison R. Taylor, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Michael Tift, BMB, Assistant Professor


Dr. Rachael Urbanek, EVS, Assistant Professor


Dr. Sridhar Varadarajan, CAB, Associate Professor


Dr. Ying Wang, CAB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Jake Warner, BMB, Assistant Professor

Dr. Wade Watanabe
, CMS, Research Professor

Dr. David Webster, BMB, Professor and Associate Dean of College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Jessica Weinkle, PIA, Assistant Professor

Dr. Robert F. Whitehead, CMS, Research Specialist

Dr. Ami Wilbur, BMB, Associate Professor and Director, Shellfish Research Hatchery

Dr. Joan Willey, CAB, Professor

Dr. Amanda Williard, BMB, Professor


Dr. Kara Yopak, BMB, Assistant Professor


Dr. Peter Zamora, EOS, Assistant Professor