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Marine Biotechnology in the News

UNCW lab networks online to find grant money
Wilmington Star-News (01/11/11)

UNCW Researchers looking to kill 'superbugs'
News 14 Carolina (01/05/11)

UNCW finishes one project, turns around, starts another
Marine technology advances abound
Greater Wilmington Business Journal (10/22/10)

New MARBIONC project was born on a Virginia racetrack
Deal is done, but race has just begun
Greater Wilmington Business Journal (10/15/10)

Marine biotech group inks deal to get products to market
Greater Wilmington Business Journal (09/14/10)

NIST Awards $55.5 Million in Grants for New University Research Facilities
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) News Release (07/20/09)

Marine research at UNCW to share in $22.5 million award
Wilmington Star-News (05/13/09)

Florida Red Tide Brews Up Drug Lead for Cystic Fibrosis
Among the nasty compounds produced by the organism responsible for Florida's red tides is one with some surprising properties
Science (06/25/07)
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Initiative tests marketability of cultured sea bass
Lumina News (April 12-18, 2007)
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From fish to dish
UNCW successful at raising black sea bass in captivity
Wilmington Star-News (04/12/07)
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Event focuses on marine bio
Greater Wilmington Business (April 2007)
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UNCW program sounds like a riddle

What do you get when you cross a scientist and an entrepreneur?
Wilmington Star-News (06/03/05)
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Exploring a deep sea of knowledge
Research at the Center for Marine Science could lead to innovations that advance drug development and feed the world.
Innovation North Carolina (Fall 2004)
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UNCW seeks biotech gems from the sea
Triangle Business Journal (10/21/05)
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Scientific Publications

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