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MARBIONC is in the business of transforming the mysteries of the deep into the miracles of the marketplace.

MARBIONC scientists use an efficient, three-step process to guide a product from the marine environment to the marketplace. First, they identify niche markets to ensure products are developed to meet specific needs. Second, MARBIONC researchers assemble teams from science, business and academia that match the needs of the product with the specific needs of their partners. Third, MARBIONC provides the infrastructure and support necessary to bring the new marine products to the marketplace.

Program contacts

Karin LeMaire
Business Development Manager

Dr. Daniel G. Baden
William R. Kenan Distinguished Professor of Marine Science

Dr. Stephen Eitelman
Business Development Consultant

Steven A. Fontana, J.D.
Senior Technology Development Officer

Dr. Jeffrey L.C. Wright
Carl B. Brown Distinguished Professor of Marine Science and
Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Wade O. Watanabe
Research Professor of Biology and Marine Biology