CIE Mentor Programs

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CIE Mentor Programs

Welcome to the CIE Mentor Programs!

The CIE offers programs to assist entrepreneurs through the early stages of their ventures, starting from concept development and continuing through team formation, funding, and launch. We assist both campus- and community-based ventures and welcome UNCW students, alumni, faculty and staff, and community startups, to apply for a mentor team, request Consultant Portfolio Services, and participate in the Givitas network.

With the CIE Mentor Team Program, we surround innovative entrepreneurs with a team of advisors that supports them through significant milestones. The team-based approach optimizes the experience and results for entrepreneurs, leverages the expertise in our community, and strengthens our region’s position as an innovation hub.

The CIE engages seasoned volunteers with extensive experience in the corporate world and with startups. There are currently more than 100 mentors with diverse backgrounds involved in our programs. We seek out mentors with expertise in areas relevant to the needs of entrepreneurs and enthusiasm for supporting new ventures in our community.

The CIE programs have three Strategic Goals:

  1. To convene, prepare, and grow a dynamic base of mentors with the skills, expertise, and connections to provide relevant and timely support to innovative ventures;
  2. To attract and engage the region’s most ambitious, growth-focused and innovative entrepreneurs for results-oriented mentoring to accelerate business growth and success; and
  3. To impact regional economic development by creating a virtuous cycle of entrepreneurial support and talent engagement that accelerates the creation and growth of innovative ventures.