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About All Blue, The Alliance For The Blue Economy


We based the Alliance for the Blue Economy's mission on the World Bank's definition: "the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, while preserving the health of the ocean ecosystem." For the Alliance that means economic growth and development balanced with sustainable stewardship of our marine resources.

Marine Science is one of UNCW's most important academic areas. With degree programs in coastal engineering and marine biology, among others, the University has long trained talented professionals in the marine sciences. It boasts more than 100 faculty members engaged in marine sciences and ocean/coastal preservation, so the Alliance for the Blue Economy is a natural extension of our work. We also view the Blue Economy as vital to growing innovation and entrepreneurship in southeastern North Carolina.

Ultimately our goal is to lure existing and start-up Blue Economy businesses to the region, boosting our regional economy and creating well-paying new jobs.

The Alliance will support Blue Economy entrepreneurs and innovators, promote the region as a Blue Economy innovation hub, assist in the creation of Blue Economy-ready infrastructure, and attract Blue Economy investment capital. To fulfill this vision, the Alliance will work to obtain federal, state and regional grants with government agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and private sector partners.

Southeastern North Carolina is ideally positioned to become a viable Blue Economy leader due to its extensive coastline and river estuary, its coastal access to open water (the second largest on the East Coast) and its growing reputation as a leader in technology-focused businesses that employ highly skilled workers.

In addition, southeastern North Carolina will become the only Blue Economy hub on the eastern seaboard between Boston and Florida.

All Blue is focused on industry sectors that already have a strong history and track record in the region, such as hospitality and seafood, and in sectors in which the region's academic and business communities have significant expertise, such as coastal engineering, marine robotics, marine biopharma, and coastal resilience.

The Alliance has a board of advisors drawn from the local business and academic communities. They support the work of five sector leads in the areas of coastal engineering/marine robotics, regenerative tourism, marine biopharma, sustainable aquaculture and fisheries, and coastal resilience. Programs are staffed by employees of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and consultants.

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