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April 17, 2018 | Return to homepage

Insights from Sage Island: Crafting and Utilizing the Buyer Persona

There’s an old adage that states you can’t know a person unless you’ve walked a mile in his or her shoes.

In the marketing world, at least, that theory is proven day in and day out with strategies and campaigns cultivated with particular individuals in mind – buyer personas.

CIE Stakeholder Member marketing agency and design firm Sage Island writes on our behalf in the Greater Wilmington Business Journal this week about buyer personas. (Got a great idea for an advice/Insights article? Email our content manager at to write an article for WilmingtonBiz for us!)

New Friday Feature: Aidan Shepard, Candy Compass, and a Startup-Launching Sweet Tooth

"I've always liked candy," Aidan Shepard says, uttering the understatement of the week. Almost three years ago, he founded Candy Compass, a subscription box for candy from different countries around the world. He's also seventeen.

His other hobby is travel: "I've always been interested in exploring the world and other foods outside America," he adds. "That opportunity came when my dad was in China on a work trip."

Shepard visited his dad for a couple of weeks and experienced the sweet tooth of another culture. He brought some of the candy back to show his friends. At the same time, he had subscribed to Loot Crate, a geek subscription box marketed to gamers and nerds. He loved the idea of getting a package once a month full of products he was interested in. Thus the idea for Candy Compass was born.

Aidan Shepard and Candy Compass are our most recent story up on the Friday Features page. Read more about Aidan here!

In case you missed it: CIE releases new logo

You may have already noticed, but in case you didn't--we have a new look!

After five years of using the standard UNCW "house" logo, the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is proud to release a new image that better reflects its independent, entrepreneurial brand.

Click to read more and see the logo.